to become an ORGASMONAUT. We know it requires commitment and blissipline, but we trust that you will get what you need from this experiment. Remember: What we put in is what we get out. Without our full participation our bodies won’t open to deeper pleasure.


  1. Orgasmic Yoga needs daily cultivation and is far more vigorous than we might imagine.
  2. Changing our pattern of masturbation to a mindful self pleasure practice requires slowing down and doing things very differently.
  3. The 3 Pillars of Orgasmic Yoga are: Breath, Movement and Sound



“Can I do Orgasmic Yoga when I’m menstruating? I feel a resistance to touching my Yoni (Vagina), can I focus on other areas of my body?” 


Yes, of course. In Orgasmic Yoga we place our awareness in the sexual centre and our genitals but they don’t necessarily have to be touched. A question that arises for me as a woman is always: If we have resistance coming up towards touching our blood, see if we can find out why? Maybe there is a relationship with our moon time to be looked at and transformed.


“As a man, do I have to stop ejaculating?”

This is entirely up to you and what you want to practice. If you want to explore holding your ejaculate, then it is a good idea to learn how to draw the sexual energy up your body instead of having it clog up your testicles. Breath is your key, without the conscious and vigorous use of intentional breathing you won’t be able to learn the art of moving erotic energy all around your body.


“Can I do Orgasmic Yoga and be high on drugs?”

Nothing is really forbidden in this practice. But it is important to know that substances cut off the observer inside of you. You might be able to have a really lovely time on a certain drug while making love to yourself, but your consciousness will be clouded with the substance and not fully able to take in what you are experiencing or catch the gold dust of reflecting afterwards.


“Can I have sex with my partner during the 21 days?”

Absolutely YES. This practice is there to enliven and increase your sexual energy, so yes, enjoy making love with your partner. Just be sure that when you actually doing the practice (maybe even with your partner in the same room) you stick to yourself. If you feel like moving into a common session afterwards, make sure to close your OY practice with some silence and reflection. Then connect to your partner in the way that feels most aligned to you.


“Can I incorporate Orgasmic Yoga in my daily routine (like dance or yoga)?”

The idea of Orgasmic Yoga is to become whole and to stop excluding our genitals from our lives. So breathe, dance, shake, do yoga and while doing all of it, stay with your awareness in your sexual centre. Touch yourself and your genitals. Connect your genitals and your heart while you are doing any practice.