Festivals are like a wonderland that we enter in order to feel the limitlessness of human expression. In the non-judgmental athmosphere everybody is allowed, asked and encouraged to come alive, to be themselves, to experiment!

Yes, we have gotten HIGH ON TRUTH together and maybe you’ve come to one or (many) more of our workshops. That’s the easy part. Now it is all about putting in the BLISSIPLINE to keep yourself plugged into life’s magic. Go ahead and download our workshop pdf below.

Download Your Workshop Summary

This pdf carries the most important tools and practices from our workshops. You may have attended only one or two, but in here is the juice of them all! Enjoy, practice and remember that only with radical responsibility for our human hearts and spirits will we rise to new levels. It’s up to us to change what no longer serves us!

If you are missing anything that you have heard in our talks and can’t find in here, write us a message and we’ll do our best to get it to you!

Did you look for Dara’s Music?


Below are two songs she sang in the workshops. Dara recently recorded her 12 track album. If you want to support the production and receive the album  (plus many other things that we are creating) as soon as it is released: Patreon is you Portal! 

And know that we are somewhere out there floating in an infinite sea of gratitude for any funds received!