Calling in an epic PA and Project Manager – aka Epic Co-creator of Magic


POSITION OPEN: 20+ hrs p/w

  • You love to make sure everything is running perfectly
  • You always like to know what’s going on with everyone and everything
  • You’re a people person and love connecting and reaching out to new people
  • Your communication skills are impeccable, and you treat everyone like a good friend
  • You love and thrive in the digital world
  • You adapt to the unexpected and are flexible to change
  • You are empathetic and can put yourself in other peoples shoes to improve their experience
  • You take initiative and are proactive in suggesting new ideas and solutions
  • You always speak your mind – transparency rules our ship
  • You encourage and practice collaboration
  • You are a team player
  • You are thrilled and excited to further the spiritual, sexual and emotional experience of the world and yourself!

;We’re looking to work with a Project Manager and Personal Assistant who is both a big picture thinker and extremely detail oriented. Part project manager, part awesomeness connector and part just epic human in general!

You would play a crucial role in our vision expansion, managing all our creative needs as we grow. We are looking for someone to keep an eye on the day to day operations, managing all the pieces (projects, marketing systems, web operations, expenses) to ensure that everything is getting completed in a timely and efficient manner and relaying everything back to Dara and Simon.

We are also looking for someone who will proactively look for new ways to grow and extend our vision and connect with important influencers and co-creators.

You can do all of this from the comfort of the…beach…jungle…mountains…city or wherever you call home. Extra bonus though if you are able to potentially live/travel with us.



  • Project Management for new and existing retreats / events / festivals / online programs / webinars
  • Personal Assistant for Dara and Simon – managing the day-to-day tasks
  • Managing our email and business automation system: Mailchimp
  • (Divi Theme) 
  • Excel and Photoshop skills 
  • Helping maintain and grow our social media presence, FB, Youtube, Instagram 
  • Organising speaking engagements and finding opportunities to partner with influencers
  • Basic PR outreach
  • Creating new systems to automate business tasks
  • Design marketing strategies and communication campaigns for Patreon and Online programs
  • Identifying trends and insights to help us move the vision forward


  •  We’re looking for a professional with preferably 2 years’ experience running or managing an online business or working across multiple online projects
  • A bonus would be: Copywriting, PR, basic coding or graphic design experience


  •  financial exchange will be measured with experience and working hours

We work within the business model of the gift economy. It’s important that you familiarise yourself with the gift and how it works. You can read this article for more info here.

Co- leading with Dara and Simon is amazingly satisfying knowing that you are helping people everywhere live more passionate, pleasurable and fulfilling lives. Those people who have worked with us say they evolve and learn so much personally just by ingesting the information we put out in the world and the way we show up.

We are a small team for now, but we’d like to foster as much diversity as possible. We invite applications from people of all stripes. We don’t discriminate against applicants based on gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, national origin, citizenship, pregnancy status, or any other differences that people imagine to discriminate against one another.

How to apply

Feel free to submit a short video (max. 3 minutes) telling us why you really want this position and what awesome things you’ll bring to our team.

Send your application along with your resume to belove(at) with the subject heading: Epic Co-creator of Magic. We will arrange a skype call with you.

We are excited to meet you – who knows what the future holds!