We can read many books, watch hundreds of videos, buy online courses and talk a good talk. But the practice happens in real life. The practice happens with the fleshy humans that surround us, trigger us, let us walk on the edge of our comfort and sometimes drive us crazy. In a world where we replace connection with Wifi, a human talk with whatsapp message and a hug with an emoji, coming together in a safe space of exploration, is essential to connect us back to who we truly are. And if you feel a little scared, then you are just one spelling error away from making it sacred! SO LET’S PLAY!


Come and play with us on one of our workshops at the following events this year!
In our workshops we mix music with transformation and a big pinch of laughter. We love to explore a wide array of topics from sex, money, love, sacred communication and the art of relationship with the participants, creating very animated, entertaining and at the same time deeply connecting spaces. Authentic connection really stands in the focal point of all of our events as nothing in life ever happens without it.


July 27 - 28, Vienna
Many of us run away from the difficult and dark sides of relationships or feel like ‘something must be going wrong’ when dramas and conflicts arise, but what if the pain is a sign that something is going right? What if our loved ones were the perfect triggers for us to resolve the wounds we have accumulated around relating and truly stepping into our power? What if the art of relating can be learned and mastered consciously?
The RADICAL INTIMACY INTENSIVE is a place for all who want to discover themselves clearer in the reflection of other human beings.
And yes, it is for couples and singles alike.


Online course open now
Taking Self Love to a whole new level! Everybody talks about loving the self, but do we really? and what’s our relationship with touching ourselves? Is it just the quick fix to release some body tension after a long and stressful day? Are we playing with ourselves but wishing we had someone to do it for us? Are we loaded with shame and guilt around masturbation? Do you find creating pleasure in your own body a difficult thing to feel? Are we expecting others to know what to do? (Take me to cloud 9, darling)
In the GREAT SELF PLEASURE EXPERIENCE we take you on a three week journey into deep connection with your own body. Exploring sensuality and sexuality with yourself. Over the course of ’21 Days’ we gently guide you through everyday mindful masturbation practices that will expand your repertoire of loving self touch, completely shift your ability to love yourself to the next blissful level. We invite you to include your preferred personal practices into this Orgasmic Experience.  With this knowledge you will become a greater lover of self and others. No gimmicks or marketing hype. You want to love you? then you have to begin consciously choosing to love YOU. Nobody can or knows how to love you, until you know.

Remember: We are always practicing. The question is: WHAT are you practicing?