Relationship as the vehicle for transformation

We are part of this amazing offering for couples who want to dive deep into tantric practices together. Many of the teachers on this webinar have become friends over time and we really recommend the wisdom and depth that is offered here. 

We can offer all who access this webinar through our link a 50% off on the course price. This means if you enrol you get half price and we also receive support. We think that’s a nice way to spread the love!

Access over 17 hours of Tantric guidance

…on how to create the most epic relationship.

In this collection of classes, workshops and rituals you will receive guidance on how to:

  • navigate through conflict
  • learn effective ways to deal with triggers
  • let your relationship become a vehicle for growth
  • discover what it means to choose love
  • learn about each other’s Tantric anatomy
  • hear the secrets of tantric massage
  • learn all about Tantric sexuality and awakening the energy body
  •  join guided rituals for you as a couple
  • and so much MORE!
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