All our work is heart to heart funded.
This means that our retreats and events never have a set price tag. It feels far more aligned to us to leave the evaluation of what you will receive up to your generous heart. After all, how are we to know what you will experience? We cannot put a price on love. For an infinite offering, any number would simply be too low. At the end of the experiences we share, every attendee is invited to value what they have experienced and support us to serve the ReLOVEution. All will be equally welcomed.

This enables diversity, no paywalls and first and foremost community. Because in a gift culture the gifts always gravitate to those in greatest need, not to the ones with the greatest greed.

ways to support us

Become a Patreon

In order for us to be able to freely and abundantly share more of our gifts with the world, Patreon gives us and you a great opportunity to connect and gift forward.

What the hell is Patreon? Patreon is an ingenious platform that funds the ReLOVEution and breaks us beyond the limitation of the current monetary system. It empowers those who love our vision to participate in this global ReLOVEution with us. It empowers us to rise above paywalls and price tag constrictions. This is a call to come together, so we can co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.


  • Educate and inspire children in schools around the world to tap into their natural superpowers
  • Support men to express their vulnerability and step into the courageous leaders they were born to be
  • Embrace and nurture women to own their sexuality and be love on all levels
  • Get people high on truth and connection on big transitional festivals rather than drugs and alcohol
  • Making people laugh so deeply that they forget their attachment to what is causing suffering – even if only for a moment
  • Publish empowering books that inspire people to become sovereign beings
  • Design and deliver trainings that transcend the taboos of our society
  • Breaking through the sexual suppression of our times and making space for real Sex Magic
  • Rewriting our collective and individual money stories to move from lack to big bold love
  • Producing deeply touching and heartfelt music that nourishes the soul
  • Recording courageous conversations with people from all walks of life

It is a vital and increasingly important part of our work/play to receive in this unconditional way from so many people all around the world.

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