Are we misfits or reLOVEutionaries

Are we confused and lost or Wayseers and Change makers?

Wake up and smell the coffee my fellow miracles

Let’s Stop 🛑 our complaining




Little me victim stories

I don’t have this

I don’t have that

It’s not fair

Blah blah blahghhh

Little spoilt children

Stubborn irritated pain bodies





They did this

I didn’t get that

I have no money

They were spoon fed money

I don’t have inheritance

I wasn’t born into a rich family

They have more opportunity than me

I’m alone

I don’t have anybody to love meee

Me, me, meeeeeeee

My karma chose this

I am unworthy

I’m a nobody

Stop 🛑 talking nonsense and waaaake the F up

We don’t want to be happy

We can’t handle the truth

If we could we wouldn’t stand for this absurd bull crap 💩

If we did want it, we would already be it.

We are choosing our state of being

Stop it…… stooooooop it

Take a rain check

Take a deep breath or 100 while we are at it

Are we misfits or reLOVEutionaries?

Are we multi dimensional beings?

Are we intelligent beyond belief?

Are we Gods in the flesh?

Are we unique manifestations of life force?

Are we courageous co-creators of reality?

Or are we whining complaining jabawakis

If we are the above 6 Then let’s bloody ACT like it

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Stop our complaining

Playing out these old unworthiness programs and victim personas

Enough no more is the response to these outdated neural patterns.

Those false scripts change right here, right now.

That’s how powerful we are

We get to choose right now

We don’t buy the BS any longer

We don’t acquiesce to the lies

We see beyond the game

It Stops 🛑 here

It Shaaaaaaalll not Pass

Yoooooou (old false self) shall not pass

We Dare to be GREATer than You

It’s CLEAR now

No more confirmation needed

We have enough evidence

We know how the conditioning and indoctrination works

We know the domestication process

We know how to manipulate and why it benefits our psychopathic personas

We know we have been deceived and not known the whole truth.

We know we have been distracted and followed blind faith.

We know how to rewire the subconscious

We know how fear functions within the psyche

The information and wisdom has been long shared

We GET it….

The Information Age and internet have served us greatly

We can witness it all and access freedom of choice; free will

We are not stupid sheeple

We are refined, whole, transparent and free

So the only question is; what do we choose today?

What do we choose moment to moment?

Do we demonstrate this great awareness or do we choose to play small and safe?

Do we see the ordinary as extra-ordinary

Do we see with real eyes of love?

Do we sing the song of the beloved?

Do we meet every sentient being as a noble guest?

Do we open to loves embrace or close in protection from false evidence appearing real?

Do we hold the pose of love even when everything seems to be against us?

Do we walk as alive ignited life force electromagnetic fields of pure consciousness or suppress ourselves in false beliefs?

Are we pleasure activists, multi orgasmic beings calling for the power of joy to lead us into playful and prayful expression of the divine?

Or are we fine with cigerettes and wine 🍷

Ahhhhh I know what I choose

As we courageously own this sovereign state we allow others to do the same

It’s doing us..

If we will just stop complaining and get out of the way

RISE ReLOVEutionaries, let your true selves BE SEEN