09-10th (Sat-Sun) November 2019

REMINDER: The 188 euro is a refundable deposit that secures your place. It is NOT a price tag. The evaluation of your experience will be left to your generous heart at the end of the RADICAL INTIMACY EVENT.

If at the end of the experience you want a refund, we'll deduct 15 euro for Paypal charges and administration work. Refunds will be done within 14 calendar days after your request. 

The deposit is refundable ONLY when you show up at the event or notify us at least 7 calendar beforehand so that someone else can take your space. If you notify us less than 7 days before the commencement of the event and we're unable to find someone else instead of you then the deposit will NOT be refunded. 

If you don't have Paypal or a credit card deposit to the account below:

Dara Meubrink
Deutsche Bank
IBAN: DE92 1203 0000 1063 6640 05

If money creates a barrier for your attendance and you really feel this event is for you - CONTACT US!

Love finds a way, everything else finds an excuse.