The ReLOVEution is not resistance to what is. The ReLOVEution is reversal of response. It is every act of generosity, every act of forgiveness and every act of openness in a world that constantly teaches us to close, protect, contract, clench and withdraw.

The Move from Me to We

The ReLOVEution is the refusal to be confined by the stories of our old pain and step into the fire of living and loving, the fire of the terrifying Unknown.

Are we willing to tremble, shake, listen and admit that we know less than what we thought?

Are we ready to commit to be greater than our perceived limitations and at the same time deeply accept what is here right now? The Revolution is not led by me or you, nor are we waiting for somebody to save us. The Revolution lives through us and requires our active participation in life’s one and only task: to be willing to break open, over and over again. To withdraw our attention from the illusion of separation and come back to our centre, where we are all interconnected and free.

We are on the cusp of an age that no longer asks us to cheer for the one messenger, wait for the one saviour or die for the one belief. We no longer need permission from anyone to be someone.

Every single one of us is asked to seek the truth within and love the pain out of our bodies. To step up and become the masters of our lives.

The natural intelligence of this universe is intentional. It turns a seed into a blossom, an acorn into an oak tree, an embryo into a baby. In the same way, it intends all of us to become the greatest version of ourselves. The acorn does not complain and try to become a bush, because it is afraid of its own majesty. But we humans get to say “no – I don’t want to grow, I want to do my own thing…” The Revolution then is the reversal of that ‘no’ to a big and BOLD YES. Yes to evolution, yes to human potential, yes to liberation on all levels. When we fully step into our fullest expression, we live, walk, breathe and be LOVE.

One of the greatest ways to be love is to constantly ask in any situation:

“What would love do now?”

Its not always the answer you may want to hear but if you listen attentively to the silent voice within and act in accordance to loving kindness, you will notice how your life takes on a very different frequency. It’s not easy to ‘open as love’, if it was, we would experience far less violence than we are currently subject to.

As each of us makes a conscious decision to look within and uncover all the parts of ourselves we do not love, and bring loving awareness to them, transformation begins.

This is not an instant transformation, it requires repetition and consistency. It requires us to keep showing up for ourselves and rewiring the belief systems (BS) we are functioning from. As we do this, as we love ourselves wholeheartedly, we connect to the bigger force that interconnects all things. We move from the little me to the big WE. We let love show us the interconnectedness of all that is. We realise we are not alone in this mystery and each of us can take sovereign responsibility for our contribution to the whole. 

All that we create is our contribution to this reLOVEution, whether it be brave spaces for this process to take place, inspiring music or any other number of ways that pop from the inspired nothingness. We see how everything is in relationship.  And for us, one of the greatest ways to help us become more aware and ‘open as love’ is through the mirroring of another divine being. This is how we serve each other, and why we are all in this together, whether we like it or not. 

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