The ReLOVEution

The ReLOVEution is not resistance to what is. The ReLOVEution is reversal of response. It is every act of generosity, every act of forgiveness and every act of openness in a world that constantly teaches us to close, protect, contract, clench and withdraw.


We as Simon and Dara follow the call of the ReLOVEution in everything we do. We go into schools to shift the outdated models of teaching into inspired education. We go into companies to shift striving for mere profit into stewardship of earth and people. And we are living as love to be leading examples of a new way of life – not because we are perfect, but because we are willing. We play music from the heart and dive courageously into revolutionising our outdated, destructive ways of communicating. 

Serving the ReLOVEution:

We invite you to become part of a ReLOVEution that has no leader. Let’s step into our sovereign laughter that denies the reality of our self made seriousness and transform it into sincerity. Because our messy, imperfect, vulnerable, fragile humanity is not separate from the Absolute. We are awareness and yes, we are also deeply human, original, wonderfully weird and full of feelings! Can we be willing to let our hearts be touched by another, willing to drop the facade, stand naked at the edge of our comfort, open and ready to cry and scream and make mistakes, fall to the ground in sheer exhaustion or unimaginable awe?

The Move from Me to We

The ReLOVEution is the refusal to be confined by the stories of our old pain and step into the fire of living and loving, the fire of the terrifying Unknown. Are we willing to tremble, shake, listen and admit that we know less than what we thought? Are we ready to commit to be greater than our perceived limitations and at the same time deeply accept what is here right now? The Revolution is not led by me or you, nor are we waiting for somebody to save us. The Revolution lives through us and requires our active participation in life’s one and only task: to be willing to break open, over and over again. To withdraw our attention from the illusion of perfection and really come back to centre, where we are all interconnected and free at the same time.

We are on the cusp of an age that no longer asks us to cheer for the one messenger, wait for the one saviour or die for the one belief. We no longer need permission from anyone to be someone. Every single one of us is asked to seek the truth within and love the pain out of our bodies. To step up and become the masters of our lives.

The natural intelligence of this universe is intentional. It turns a seed into a blossom, an acorn into an oak tree, an embryo into a baby. In the same way, it intends all of us to become the greatest version of ourselves. The acorn does not complain and try to become a bush, because it is afraid of its own majesty. But we humans get to say “no – I don’t want to grow, I want to do my own thing…” The Revolution then is the reversal of that no to a big and BOLD YES. Yes to evolution, yes to human potential, yes to liberation on all levels. When we fully step into our fullest expression, we live, walk, breathe and be LOVE.

In Truth

In truth there is nothing to be cleaned up other than our perceived selfs. The confinements of our past conditioning, cultural beliefs and false identities can then melt back into the ocean of truth that it all emerged from in the first place.

We, as Dara and Simon serve this evolution with every breath that we are taking. In all our work and play we invite the step into sovereign being, heart-open, vulnerable and free. May it be in schools, corporates, festivals and events or workshops, we always point to the sacredness of our fierce and curious, playful hearts that want nothing more than to open beyond our wildest imagination!