Real-ation ships are a constant transformational workshop. I adore the reflections this beautiful being offers me every day. I am extremely grateful to continue dying and falling into the abyss of love with this phenomenon. When I don’t label Dara Stara as a women, as a partner, in a relationship, or any other limiting belief of what we are. Then I get to meet this miraculous creative expression of life force anew every single moment.

It’s been 4 years since your smile came into that dance hall and captivated my soul. 4 years you have shown me what unconditional love feels like. 4 years you have shown me the beauty of women beyond form and surface image. 4 years you have called me on my bullshit and asked me to show you the grander version of me. 4 years you’ve shown me a mirror so I can detect my lies and false patterns of protection and closure. 4 years you’ve cared for me, danced with my pain and accepted me when I’ve closed off to life and love. 4 years we have laughed, cried, danced and striped ourselves NAKEDly bare. 4 years we have agreed to showing up transparently no matter how challenging it has been. I know we both feel time is just a limitation and a man made construct. What is 4 years at the core!

Dara and Simon

Every time I fall into the abyss of love with you, every moment I truly see you, truly see you, your challenges, your smiles, your little actions of loving kindness, your pain body triggers, your beauty, your silliness, your truth and lies, your curious mind, your sparkle, your life, your mothering, & the force that animates you. WOW it really is a gift to explore the freedom of love, sexuality, and life with you. To come together to free one another. True commitment to this quest is the freedom.

Why do I share this today? Not to get some likes or dopamine. Not to say hey look at me and my great life with this beautiful human being. This is surface noise and distraction…

I share this to honour and acknowledge the power and importance of relationship and to offer to all men and women out there, that I feel we have a responsibility to show what is possible when we truly honour another being. To the men I say honour the Yoniverse, what do I mean by this statement? – I feel that a women is a vast ocean of infinite power that if nurtured and reminded, can crack us open to love in ways we can not even comprehend. No words can express what I am pointing too.

This is not about romantic, co-dependent, man women love. This is about creating whole new worlds and realities beyond our wildest dreams. A women is the carrier of all life, yes the man offers their vital life force also and men are to be honoured and respected just the same – But in this instance I am inviting that we shift our perspectives of what men, women, love, and relationships are actually for. What is there true purpose in this current stage of evolution?

A women has a yoni (vagina) for those not familiar with that name. And this is a bridge, a doorway if you will, into a vast ocean of intelligence. When we as men stop thinking a yoni is just for sexual needs. But instead start realizing this is the entry point, the gateway to a whole Yoniverse, multi Yoniverses!.

And when we as men and women are willing to educate ourselves on how genitals function, how polarity energizes and magnifies our creative potential, how a women can be opened to her own innate power, how the yin yang unifies, how we can cultivate the energetic charge of two electromagneticforces, and then use that power to move mountains… this is the tip of the iceberg I’m pointing to and humbly exploring (with resistance and vulnerability).

I have had a glimpse of this potential. Imagine if we as beings come together with the pure intention of serving humanity by loving ourselves and honouring the other with the willingness to support the freedom of our suppression. We are all sexually suppressed. It is in the oppression of the power of our genitals that has the whole human species locked in fear, helplessness and powerlessness. (And all the other survival diminishing e-motions we feed on daily). We are not just here to create more babies and get a house and job that pays the bills! Our bodies have Intelligence we have been to distracted to explore. Genital power.

We are aLIVE in a time when we are being called to that which is greater. To THRIVE. What is our purpose as miraculous gods in the flesh. If we own our power as electromagnetic forces of creation. If we bring coherence to mind, body and soul (all the same thing) if we do what is necessary to bring us back to radical wholeness. Our natural state. If – what if?

Could it be that our understanding of sex, genitals, human body, our full capacity, our power, our potential, our freedom has indeed been suppressed in order to keep us locked into invisible prisons and our energy harvested and used to serve these illusionary cult-ures that we have all agreed to serve – willingly or unwillingly.

Through sex / love making – (one of our cult-ures biggest taboos, surprise surprise) we can free ourselves and rise beyond all suppression.

We rise together. Moving from separation to interbeing. From me to we. From closure to openness. From survival to creation.