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In a world where we categorically got educated out of our natural authentic way of speaking, we need to unlearn some habits and sharpen our understanding of where we are lying to ourselves and others.

On Radical Intimacy we will share one of the most beautiful communication practices that has not only saved and enriched our relationship, but also made us rise in love with each other over and over again. For that practice to really sink deeply a few ‘ground rules’ have to be in place and we found that Don Miguel Ruiz has brought an amazing tool kit in “The Four Agreements” to this earth. Please have a listen to the audio book from the link below. If you prefer reading, we invite you to get his book.

Begin here:
Download and listen to Don Miguel Ruiz Audio books. If you are unfamiliar with his work start with The 4 Agreements.

Your second choice: The Mastery of Love is a real master piece for learning how to relate effortlessly. Download and enjoy!


We would love to invite you to answer all the questions before attending Radical Intimacy. You can write in your journal or on your computer / phone and we recommend a minimum of 30 minutes to tend to the question. These questions are to support you in looking within and getting you in the mood for exploring your intimate self. This is only your own inquiry, you won’t have to share your answers with anyone. Intimacy means for us Into-Me-I-See.

1. What is a difficult conversation for you to have around intimacy and sexuality? How does it make you feel? What happens to your body? What is the story you keep alive?  

2. What are the dominant messages & beliefs you grew up with about boys & girls / men & women?

3. Of the following verbs, which one are you most comfortable with, which would you like to stretch and why?
To Ask | To Take | To Give | To Receive | To Refuse. 

4. How comfortable are you in communicating your emotional wants, needs and dislikes? 

5. What are the strengths you bring to your relationships? What are the relationship wounds that you carry with you? 

6. Write about your relationship with your mother and father. How was the first 7 years of your life with them?

7.  Write in detail what you remember about your parents beliefs around sexuality and intimacy and how they influenced you.


We have been practicing with Intentional Breathing techniques for some time and we always share them on out events.

This is such a GEM of a breath practice. Brought to us by Wim Hof – the ice man – it will release your inner fire and allow more vitality in your body.

By practicing this, you are releasing more energy, influencing your nervous system and changing various physiological responses. You are inducing voluntarily a short stress response which ultimately will lead to more resilience towards everyday stress, mentally and physiology and feeling more in control.

We love to do this in order to get more centred and aligned, especially on a day of resistance.


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The Wheel of Consent: a foundational tool for all human relating – between friends, family, colleagues, and intimate partners. The Wheel is a model of consent developed by Dr. Betty Martin

When we are able to identify our needs and desires and take action for our own pleasure, we open ourselves to infinite possibilities for engagement and we are then capable of “being the gift” for someone else’s pleasure. 

The Wheel recognises that without clarifying the intention as well as the action, it is not possible either to give or receive fully-informed consent. 
You will be invited to have an embodied experience of each of the quadrants using simple, clothed touch exercises including the 3 minute game. You do not have to touch, or be touched by anyone else, to take part in this workshop. All exercises will be explained and demonstrated where necessary, before we ask you to decide whether or not you would like to practice them, and we will always provide alternatives to sharing touch with another. People of all genders, orientations and relationship status are welcome to Radical Intimacy.

If you have time, you may also watch a more detailed explanation of the Wheel of Consent here


  • ,your A4 writing pad and a pen
  • comfortable clothes and footwear for movement
  • Towel and/or a second set of clothes (it can get sweaty
  • massage oil
  • a sarong or a blanket to stay warm
  • cozy socks / slippers 
  • drinking bottle to refill (so you can stay hydrated)
  • blindfold if you have one
  • light lunch / snacks
  • for women, please bring or wear a sports bra if needed as we’ll be doing some movement / shaking,
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