Online Trainings


Transform your life with us without leaving your home! Join us for our online training, that will connect you to a growing community of like minded, alive people all over the world. Exploring yourself deeply, laugh and cry with us as we vulnerable share our journey to a more profound level of connection and truth.

Sex Magic Training

We live in a society where we learn about sex from media and porn. Unfortunately most of what is taught there is utterly wrong. This training concentrates on shifting perspective on what sex is actually for and why we haven’t been educated in that. We will learn how to slow down, breathe more deeply and completely let go of outcomes, ejaculation and performance to increase love and orgasmic energy. We will show and talk about our own vulnerable stories of struggling with old ways of making love and why it is so hard to change habits. Sexual energy is at the roots of our existence. In this training we invite you to shift from the roots upwards.

This is a 6 week live online training facilitated by Dara and Simon. Each week we will dive into one of the modules exploring practices to shift old habits and reveal our deepest desires in ways that can be felt and heard by our partners.

The Art of Slow

Week One

When we talk about slowing down, we mean it. How we breathe is how we make love. The slower we move, the more we can be felt by our partner and that is crucial to any deeper level of connection. The first week will get us started with an intro to breathwork, body sensitizing and the importance of sound current in order to create more intimacy.

Words and Truth

Week Two

Communication is key. Words are like windows into the soul of another, but we do have to learn how to look through them and create more opening with each other. This week is an exploration into the sharing practice that we use to clear our relationship space of clutter and noise. Also looking at the biggest enemy of connection and how that continues to lure old habits back into place. This week is fully packed with juicy shifts in perspective and practices to explore at home.

Reveal and Ravish

Week Three

This week we will talk about 3 ways to create more Intimacy in any given moment.

We dive into sexual polarity and how to how to take full responsibility to enlivening and clearing the relationship space, artfully express desires and how to evoke deeper intimacy, even when we are hurt, angry or jealous.

Mastering orgasmic energy

Week Four

Let’s get down and deep. We will explore genital trauma and how to heal it through self loving practices and coming together for healing purposes.The last week is all about letting go and arriving at a new level of understanding what love making is actually for. We explore the possibilities of recharging our batteries and healing through making love and breathwork. Resensitizing our bodies and genitals is at the physical core of shifting our awareness and becoming more present, loving and generous in our journey to blissful intimacy.

Sex Magic Training is opening soon. Please contact us below if you want to register.