For us living as Love is not a half hearted project or a far out concept. It is our calling, our invocation to the ever expanding heights and depths of human existence. We show up real, raw and vulnerable because most people don’t need another story of success and bling in order to feel connected. It is the downfall, the journey of missing the point and getting hit straight in the face, then getting back up and facing the fierce, cold wind – with tears streaming down our faces. It is in the yearning for the kind of love that we know deep inside, will never truly be met, because in truth it is a yearning for the cosmos, for source. The more we can feel that pain, the more fulfilled we can be in the unfulfillment of this human experience. The more we can be in that place of deep acceptance, the lighter life gets. Not because pain, problems or obstacles have vanished, but because we choose to be in ever lessening resistance to what it.

“What would love do?” is one of the biggest question we keep asking. The answer is always the same. Sometimes it whispers, sometimes it screams, sometimes it sings deliciously: OPEN! Just OPEN now!

And so we do. Our relationship is the place that holds the strongest potential of cracking open so that more light can enter. It is messy at times, fragile and terrifying. But we are ready to make art with our old hurtful patterns and little me stories. We are here to expose them so they lose their grip of dark unrevealed matters stuck inside our souls.

Through the clench of holding on, through the pain of rock hard resistance. Through the little me and archetypal battles within and without. We never teach what we don’t practice and definitely what we need to learn.