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Orgasmic Yoga, True Self-Love




The term Orgasmic Yoga made me laugh at first, because I heard the words of a Yogi friend say; western culture has used the word yoga for everything. Yoga yoga, hot yoga, fit yoga, cold yoga, warrior yoga, yin yoga, cosmic yoga and now I’m practicing orgasmic yoga. No matter what we call it, yoga is yoga.

Using the word Orgasmic in my opinion is pretty awesome because Yoga means Union and if we want to really unite with ourselves and plug into our innate power, we have to include our genitals. What I now call the ‘genital generators’. Real union, in my opinion, feels orgasmic. When we are consciously connecting to our life force it’s extremely ecstatic.

So what led us to this practice and has us sharing it with hundreds of people across the globe? It’s been a wildly unexpected five months, that’s for sure! It began as part of the Sexological Bodywork training. We were asked to do 30 days of Orgasmic Yoga and if that was too much for the students then a minimum of 7 days to get a feel of the practice. If any of you know me then you will know that I’m acutely aware that doing something for 7 days may be an enjoyable experience and potentially plant a seed but it’s just not long enough to get any real lasting insights for me. So of course, I opted in for the 30 days and set myself a personal Blissipline challenge. I reached 23 Days in a row and then went travelling on The ReLOVEution summer tour with Dara to host workshops at festivals and events around Europe. Due to this my daily consistency dropped for a few months. But the seed of meaning had been assigned. It was simple to me. It was the little sprinkles on top of the cake. I have been on a mission in service to love for many years now, speaking and holding events on the power of Self-love and Transparent communication and how rising in love and speaking our truth is a ReLOVEutionary act.



I learned that daily self-loving practices mixed with some healthy spoonful’s of Blissipline keep me plugged into the awe and wonder of life. My daily practices help expand the depth of love within and without. They ignite the life force within me. But and there is a but… I had bypassed one very vital part. My genitals.

Don’t get me wrong; I have been enjoying the sensations of love making and I’m privileged to say that I’ve never been inactive in that area. The past 3 years Dara and I have been making a real intention to make use sex in a way to consciously cultivate love. That’s easier said than done because whenever there’s change happening there’s also a lot of resistance hanging around the corner! In the beginning of implementing new practices it’s not a quick fix and doesn’t always lead to a positive desired outcome. Not at first…


During my first 23 days I realised some deep outdated limiting belief systems (BS) had been influencing my behaviours. I had a thought that “masturbation wasn’t needed”. But this isn’t actually true. Now that I’ve had the opportunity with the aid of OY to dive within my sexuality and explore my body’s wisdom in a whole new way, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I had in fact been neglecting my genitals and true pleasure potential. I had another limiting belief that “masturbation is dirty”. I would just bash the bishop (wank) when I felt the need for a release or when I experienced pain from withholding my ejaculation. But either way I can never recall a time when I spent longer than 10 minutes really caressing and enjoying my genitals with love. It was always a means to an end. I had another limiting belief that “I need a woman to pleasure me” and that “men who masturbate all the time are either sex addicts or just can’t attract a partner”. And I uncovered some subtle shame and fear around playing with my rosebud (anus). Little did I know how much tension my rosebud was holding. It couldn’t flower with so much tension. I’m slowly loving this area with self-loving massage and the experience is quite profound. These unaware belief systems attached to my genitals were holding me back and creating walls against loving my physical self completely.




But now Dara and I are activating the power of our “genital generators” into our daily practices plus sharing the practice all over the world through the 21 days Orgasmic Yoga Self-Pleasure Exploration. The personal insights, experiences and people’s testimonials have given us reason to continue. They have in fact blown our minds and cracked our hearts wide open.

During The ReLOVEution tour I mentioned, it turned out that one of the events we attended there was another Sexological Bodyworker sharing Orgasmic Yoga in a 2hr workshop. Of course, Dara and I decided to attend, and I was curious and intrigued how this will be facilitated. It turned out to be such a beautiful experience not just because of what happened to me but more what it brought up in the reflections and realisations of the participants.


This experience added to my own insights; that it’s indeed ok to include the genitals and to caress ourselves with mindful masturbation techniques. It’s ok and allowed to explore our bodies in safe environments with other curious orgasmic explorers,  known now as Orgasmonauts. This experience only inspired us even more and so we held our first ‘Three Circles Ritual” with 25 courageous souls on our 1st NAKED Gathering. Which is a gathering of NAKEDeers (those who have attended one of our Naked The Retreat)

The 3 Circle structure embodies authentic consent. Participants move freely and fluidly from one state to another allowing their own sexual energy to lead and guide them. Experience the freedom to be human and the deep intimacy that comes from a group erotic experience. In this embodied ritual we explore 3 states of being:

Stillness – the realm of being, holding space and witnessing;

Awakening – the realm of waking up the body – shaking and stretching, laughing and screaming, self-massage and dancing, breathing and self-pleasure;

Ecstasy – the realm of safe, consensual, communal erotic embodiment with dance and movement.

After experiencing this and hearing the profound insights (treasures); it was clear to me the potential this Orgasmic Yoga holds.

On our return from our tour we decided to set up the 21 Day OY Experiment to see if more people felt the same. And having just finished our first global 21 days of Orgasmic Yoga we can safely say that this is indeed a part of the missing ingredient when it comes to Self-Love.



If there is any real revolution happening on this planet then it’s an internal one. It’s a Revolution of self-love.

Because if we cannot love ourselves completely how on earth can we expect to know what it feels like to love another let alone those we don’t associate as our partners, family of friends? Exactly I hear you say! When we talk about universal love or unconditional love it’s clear to me that this is a great concept but not the norm of our fellow brothers and sisters. I could list a whole heap of reasons why we find it so difficult to love but I won’t on this article. You know why? Because if you begin to practice Orgasmic Yoga you’ll access the deep innate wisdom of your own body mind and answer this question for yourselves.

Here begins the mission of The Pleasure Activists; Orgasmonauts flying through the galaxy in the orgasmic spaceship. WTF?

Yes, Pleasure ACTivists – switched on, plugged in, thriving, alive, orgasmic, ecstatic pulsating electromagnetic beings. Illumined with fully active halos. Beings with clear intentions to awaken themselves and others through self-loving pleasure. This is Wholeness in motion.  The deep realisation that nothing needs fixing, nothing is broken or ever was. But our genital generators were not being used in the way they have been designed. To ignite LIFE FORCE and CREATE MAGIC. May The Erotic Orgasmic Force Be With You.

And so that concludes this chapter, but this is just the beginning…

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Compost Queen

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