Presence Sessions

The human soul doesn’t want to be advised, fixed or saved.
It simply wants to be witnessed — to be seen, heard and companioned exactly as it is.

In our Presence Sessions we meet in a space of emergence. We never know what will show up but we will know together how to move forward. We offer a space to breath and invite communication practices, active listening, witnessing without judgment, wide open questions, silence and sharing of the many emotional release practices we use to plug us into our courage and get high on our own naked truth.

For Individuals

Courageous souls who are willing to go beyond societies deadly prescription of normalcy. This is a unique opportunity to play with us one on one and get a very specific reflection of your greater potential and ways to move boldly into that. Together we will find a path to reveal your truth and how to to share it with the world. 

The Journey involves:

  • deeply revealing conversations
  • weekly tasks and excercises
  • setting personal challenges
  • inspirational content
  • follow up emails
  • Writing / reading / listening / recording

For Couples

For partners and lovers wanting to deepen their physical connection by learning and embodying new practices and tools of conscious love making magic. We invite you on a personal in depth journey to uncover what is holding you back and enter the next level of romantic and sexual intimacy with your playmate. Dive deeply with us, hear us share our challenges and insights and how you too can make it through the jungle of transforming sex into making real love.

The journey involves:

  • rediscovering your personal power with courageous transparency
  • experiencing the ecstatic depth of intimacy (INTO-ME-I-SEE)
  • practicing real and blissful love making
  • using your REAL-ationship as the ultimate path to personal growth and awakening

We always suggest a minimum of 4 sessions to start with. This just shows commitment and a willingness to invest in yourself or your relationship. 

The Sessions are on the basis of an individual ‘Heart to Heart funding model’ depending on your financial situation. This will be discussed in our first call, where you can ask any questions, get the opportunity to meet us in person and feel into whether we are a fit for each other.

“Holding presence is to create room so the other can grow into their destiny.” – Marion Woodman

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