Ever wanted to be the best lover in the whole wide universe? Are you yearning to become an ORGASMONAUT and raise the bar beyond measure in the bedroom? How about we start with the relationship to the person we spend all of our life with: our (erotically malnourished) selves!

Orgasmic Yoga is a term describing a practice that transforms the way we perceive masturbation and completely shifts the way we make love to ourselves. It has the potential to produce a state of arousal that is free of fantasy, unfinished emotional business, religious dogma, cultural caveats and habitual sexual behaviors. In it’s erotic trance state we will become aware of our bodies as a source of wisdom, happiness and freedom.

One thing is for sure: A practice of self pleasure – by definition – asks you to step into your sovereign being. What you put in is what you get out. We will help you to stay on track and mine the gold dust for yourself. We are here, so you can teach yourself. There is nothing more empowering in this world!


Oh my, so this must be the most powerful spiritual practice I have ever committed myself to, and I begin to feel it is something so basic and essential, everybody should commit themselves to doing this at one point in their lives, so we can have a better world, a society of people who truly love themselves. This practice shows the how to. The real practical tools as opposed to theory of “love yourself”. Once again, thank you, Dara and Simon.

This morning I did the practice… I later went to work with a joyous feeling. That joyous feeling after a good night with a woman, but without the woman and without the ejaculation. Priceless. More to come!

[…] I then started to hug and stroke myself very gently. And just be there for me. I realised that this is what I wanted from partners in relationships, that they would be there for me but at the same time I was hiding myself with this weakness from them. It was so good to feel that I can be there for me, anytime and better than anyone else, because no one knows better than me what I need and can give it to me. This is indeed a self loving practice in its wholeness.


WEEK 1 – UNDERSTANDING Week one sets the foundation for our experiment. You will receive: 

  • your first layout of 3 guided Orgasmic Yoga choreographies that you can do at home at your own pace and convenience 
  • instructional videos to explore and use the power of intentional breathing as an erotic practice
  • in-depth educational material to assign more meaning to why you are doing what  you are doing

WEEK 2 – DEEPENING Week two allows us to dive deeper into the practice. You will receive:

  • a new layout of 4 Orgasmic Yoga choreographies that you can do at home and at your own pace and convenience
  • instructional videos to explore the necessity of movement as a carrier of erotic energy
  • in-depth educational material to further your study around the capacity of movement to shift your state of consciousness

WEEK 3 – EMBODYING In week three you will learn to follow your own guidance. You will receive:

  • the last layout of 3 Orgasmic Yoga Choreographies that you can do at home at your own pace and convenience
  • instructional videos on how to incorporate sound into your practice
  • study material to realise the scope of sound and how it can take your erotic experience to the next level

Becoming multiorgasmic doesn’t just happen overnight, nor is it dependent on a partner!

The word “orgasmic” is intended in the term “orgasmic yoga” the way the word “fitness” is intended in the term “fitness centre”. You do not have to feel that you are orgasmic in order to do orgasmic yoga. The practice might not always feel orgasmic. It might feel clunky, or difficult at times. You might be full of distraction and resistance. We do our “yoga”, our practice, so that over time we progressively become more orgasmic and empowered by our own insights and discoveries of the landscape of our body/mind/spirit.

This SELF PLEASURE EXPERIMENT will help you to

  • become an exquisit orgasmonaut within your own body (aka: an orgasmic explorer who discovers the infinite worlds of pleasure that live inside their own skin)
  • go on a fast track of personal evolution and discover the wisdom and truth locked inside your body
  • dissolve any shame you have around touching yourself and the taboo of masturbation
  • uncover the treasures hidden inside your inhibitions, distractions and challenges
  • connect your genitals to your heart space
  • enhance presence and focus in your life
  • liberate intense amounts of sexual energy within your own body
  • practice loving yourself deeper than you’ve ever done before
  • use sound, movement and breath as guides to reveal your pleasure potential

And more!




This journey has NO SET PRICE TAG. It feels more aligned to us to leave the evaluation of what you will  receive up to your generous heart. After all, how are we to know what  you will experience? We cannot put a price on an infinite offering, any number would simply be too low.

For this journey we ask for a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of 66 euro (sexy six). This minimal amount signifies your commitment to the process and makes sure that the available spaces are filled with those willing to fully engage. At the end of your experience you are invited to value what you have received. That might mean that you want to reclaim your deposit or give more on top from a place of heartfelt trust to support us to continue doing our work. All is equally welcomed.