Becoming multi-orgasmic doesn't just happen overnight,
nor it is dependent on a partner.

Whether you’ve masturbated for most of your life in pretty much the same way (quick fix tension release), felt immense guilt and shame around touching yourself or never had an orgasm – this Online Course is designed for anyone wanting to unlock greater aliveness, abundance and epic sex by taking self love to the orgasmic level. 

This is not just a manual for more mindful masturbation and self pleasure. It is a deep transformative practice guiding us to find the guru between our own legs. The answers we are all seeking are all buried deep inside our bodies and the key to access them lives in our orgasmic overflowing nature. It is our birthright and always right here with us. Time to open the flood gates!

love yourself


  • become an exquisite orgasmonaut within your own body
    (aka: an orgasmic explorer who discovers the infinite worlds of pleasure that live inside their own skin)
  • go on a fast track of personal evolution and discover the wisdom and truth locked inside your body
  • dissolve any shame you have around touching yourself and the taboo of masturbation
  • uncover the treasures hidden inside your inhibitions, distractions and challenges
  • connect your genitals to your heart 
  • enhance presence and focus in your life
  • liberate intense amounts of sexual energy (= creative energy = life energy) within your own body
  • practice loving yourself deeper than you’ve ever done before
  • use sound, movement and breath as guides to reveal your pleasure potential

This online course is designed for you to absorb and understand the basic principles of more mindful self pleasure practice.



Sets the foundation for your experience. You will receive:

  • your first layout of 3 guided Orgasmic Yoga meditations (choreographies) that you can do at home at your own pace and convenience 
  • instructional videos to explore and use the power of intentional breathing as an erotic practice
  • educational material to assign more meaning to why you are doing what  you are doin



Allows you to dive deeper into the practice. You will receive:

  • a new layout of 4 Orgasmic Yoga meditations that you can do at home and at your own pace and convenience
  • instructional videos to explore the necessity of movement as a carrier of erotic energy
  • educational material to further your study around the capacity of movement to shift your state of consciousness



Learning to follow your own guidance. You will receive:

  • the last layout of 3 Orgasmic Yoga meditations that you can do at home at your own pace and convenience
  • instructional videos on how to incorporate sound into your practice – the most important ingredient of self pleasure.
  • study material to realise the scope of sound and how it can take your erotic experience to the next level



“Oh my, so this must be the most powerful spiritual practice I have ever committed myself to, and I begin to feel it is something so basic and essential, everybody should commit themselves to doing this at one point in their lives, so we can have a better world, a society of people who truly love themselves. This practice shows the how-to. The real practical tools as opposed to theory of “love yourself”. Once again, thank you, Dara and Simon.”

“This morning I did the practice… I later went to work with a joyous feeling. That joyous feeling after a good night with a woman, but without the woman and without the ejaculation. Priceless. More to come!”

“[…] I then started to hug and stroke myself very gently. And just be there for me. I realised that this is what I wanted from partners in relationships, that they would be there for me but at the same time I was hiding myself with this weakness from them. It was so good to feel that I can be there for me, anytime and better than anyone else, because no one knows better than me what I need and can give it to me. This is indeed a self loving practice in its wholeness.”


Our programs have NO SET PRICE TAG. 
For this experience we ask for a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT* of 88 euros which covers minimal costs and signifies your commitment to the process.

We cannot put a price on love. Any number would simply be too lowThat is not because we don’t think it is valuable. It is because we don’t know what the value will be, especially given the wide diversity of financial means out there.

At the end of your experience you are invited to value what you have received. And then you have three options. Give more on top of the deposit. Do nothing and leave your deposit as your gift.  Ask for a part or the full deposit to be returned. All are equally welcomed.

We trust in the generosity of Orgasmonauts to support us in developing and sustaining in-depth learning experiences like this one.

If money creates a barrier but you really feel this experience is for you – CONTACT US! Love finds a way, everything else finds an excuse.

* If at the end of the experience you want a full refund, we’ll deduct 15 euro for Paypal charges and administration work. Refunds will be given within 14 calendar days after your request. 


You may already know that we live our lives in the spirit of the GIFT economy: a mode of sacred exchange which in a nutshell means:

“We very rarely sell our services, but rather gift them unconditionally and without an explicit agreement of what we will receive in return” .

Patreon is a platform for those who want to support us to continue sharing in this way. Your monthly contributions help us to continue creating events and content that does not have paywalls. This means those who can afford to pay can and those struggling can still get to experience great opportunity.

Patreons get access to all that we share without the need of committing to the refundable deposits. However some patreons also continue to Gift on top of their monthly contribution as they resonate and benefit from what we continue to create and share. We are all this together. Together everybody achieves more.

> If you are already a Patreon, please register on the relevant tab below. 

> If you would like to become a Patreon and enjoy this program and more of what we continue to create then please join the community  HEREOnce you’ve become a Patreon, you can register for ORGASMIC YOGA by clicking the button below.

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