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We are in a time when relationships are going through major redesigns. People are unsatisfied in love, we don’t know how to make it work. But what exactly is a conscious loving relationship that bursts with aliveness, pleasure and provides trust and healing at the same time? How do we surf the wind instead of tumble through the waves of a life lived together? Join Dara and Simon and learn about the 3 tools we need to sail the wild and deep see of relating and explore the magical map that will help us navigate all weather.



Let’s talk about sex! Then mix it with slow and deep. Then come out the other side and realise that nearly everything we’ve been taught about sex is completely and utterly distorted. This workshop will give insights on how to transform sex into a pathway of transcendence. Elevating our experiences of the mandane, outcome driven “three minutes” to hours of blissful, erotic ravishment! From the roots upwards we can  go on a fast track of evolution by making love a spiritual practice.



It’s what is says on the tin. And a little bit more… Join Dara and Simon on a powerful, intimate exploration of the art of self pleasure. By getting utterly naked we celebrate ourselves in our most alive, orgasmic version. Liberating the stigma around masturbation and self touch, we will use the “Three circle ritual” to lift the veils of shame and discover our pure innocence. Using the 3 pillars of pleasure (breath, movement and sound) we will experience the freedom, safety, joy and bliss of your most inner sexual sanctuary. This is the epitome of being naturally high, self induced, self released and celebrated together in a brave space.



Do you sometimes feel like you’re sitting on a boiling pot of emotions with no place to go to? Are you too explosive or not angry at all? Do you feel trapped inside your own inability to cry or do you constantly well up with no control? We all have chronic emotional constipation inside of our bodies. On this workshop we will dive deep under the surface of our suppressed feelings and release the pent up energies stored in the tissues. Experience a new level of freedom and relaxation that roots in the primal expression of all that you are.  



Opening an adult playground for expressing our bodies impulses, urges, attractions and triggers without words – this workshop invites a magical arena for conscious play. Reconnecting to our inner children and following our bodies instincts we will have the chance to witness interactions between people and be deeply moved and transformed. The power of training our nervous system to be with all that is triggered inside of us invites more courage, a deeper trust in our intuition and reprograms our system on a somatic, subconscious level. Just come and play… 

NAKED - the workshop


This will shake you inside out and upside down! Simon and Dara invite a NAKED movement session combining emotional release with losing clothes. We will strip off what we don’t need, let go, uproot and undo social conditioning, old stories and pain. Step outside of your comfort zone and induce a feeling of pure aliveness into your body and soul. In this workshop we face ourselves fully in the NAKED reflections and experience the profound liberation of a very simple act on all levels. We squeeze the essence of a 10 day jam-packed transformational retreat into two magnificent hours. All we have is here. Let go and liberate now!

MONEY MAGIC - from lack to love


How to take radical responsibility for how money is showing up in our lives and how we are relating and influencing this energy. Find out why money will never be yours and why there is no such thing as spending. Join Dara and Simon to transform your individual money story, so we can collectively move from lack to love.


NAKED - unplugged

A pile of uplifting or soul evoking songs flying at you – so untamed, they might undress or uproot you right there and then. Dara Stara plays from the bottom of her heart, wrapping words of inspiration into melodies that – be warned – can get trapped in your ears canals for days… Enjoy and let the music take you on a journey to our deepest intimate sorrows and all the way back to the stars. 


We will take you to Uranus and back! Tune into the orgasmic waves of the universe with Atom and Element, When we take ourselves less serious, we can allow so much deeper intimacy. No need for walls to protect our built identities. It is time to lighten up and leave our addictions to past stories, pains and illusions. In this entirely ad lib’ed performance we mix music, random rhymes and comedy. At the end you are either completely offended or utterly enlightened! It’s your choice, but we’ll do our best to get you to the latter…


simon paul sutton

One man’s transparent tale from a burglar (somebody who is asleep and takes without asking) to a Buddha (somebody who is awake and gives unconditionally). Come on a journey of transformtation while being invited to own your past stories, use them and let them go through forgiveness and awareness. This talk is highly entertaining and capturing.  Simon’s passion is to empower us to break out of the lies which keep us habitually conditioned and living through limited perceptions. Through acknowledgement, self-love and forgiveness he shows how embodying the principles of “Transparent Communication” and practising them will not only serve you, but the whole of humanity.

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