NAKED The Retreat

No dates currently planned due to Corona Virus.

10 days to get real, raw and if you will, NAKED!
This retreat is a transformational journey into the depth of who you are. We strip off what we don’t need, look behind the curtains of our old pain, self created stories and false identities to find the truth of our core being.

We use a wide array of processes like cathartic movement and emotional release, yoga and dance, circle work and reflections, silence and meditation to activate your delicious, abundant joy body. We take our fun seriously and will laugh, jump, cry and scream ourselves to freedom.

We have taken over 150+ people through the process in the past 3 years. NAKED is not just a retreat. It is a community of like minded people all over the globe.

NAKED is a call to ultimate liberation. It is not for everyone. But if you are still reading this, it might be for you!

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