Hi, I'm Dara

There has always been a gentle rebel in me. When I was supposed to be a teenager I sat in sweatlodges, bent spoons and walked on fire, because my mom is a free spirit of the most special kind. When I was supposed to turn into an elite opera singer, I went to study Singer Songwriter, because that seemed more of a challenge. When I was supposed to get a job, I turned into a unicorn touring Europe and entertaining kids in a musical because I was in love with the director. When I was supposed to get married, I refused all proposals because freedom was my only refuge. When I was supposed to have children, I terminated the pregnancies, because I was too scared of not being ready. I learned only later that there is never the right moment. When I was supposed to be a stay at home mom in a million dollar villa on a holiday island, I left that paradise for a gypsy life full of love, challenge, laughter and adventure. Because being alive is more important to me than being secure. I refuse to be a number in the system. I refuse to follow what is norm. My daughter Maya tells me: “If I were you Mami, I would BE you!” So I choose to follow that advice every goddamn day – even though it’s hard and some days I don’t know who the heck I actually am.

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