Here is what we covered:

🔸 Our personal money stories:
      How we moved from lack and scarcity to love, trust and gratitude for money
🔸 Society’s conditioning
🔸 The Gift Economy: Giving without a price tag, Circulation
🔸 3 Toxic Myths of Scarcity
🔸 Energetic & emotional attributes:
      What has your inner state to do with your financial status?
🔸 Practical Tips for shifting your money story from lack to love
🔸 Q & A

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what other brave souls said about it:

“Watched your webinar early this morning, your energy filled up my cells with love and what gets washed out of my cells is the pain, literally. The pain came up when taking a shower later. I recognized this resistance. It‘s a part of me that is not taking care of myself and actually doesn’t know how to do so. So this resistance shows up in neglecting life and under that in rejecting life. So for a long time I neglected money and rejected money as I rejected love meaning life. Puh, lots of tears came up. Thank you for guiding me into that pain. Love to you beautiful beings. ” – Ulrike

“… I feel the expansion already. It creates clarity and compassion around this part of my life where I felt unearthed and lost at times. I am committed to  take steps each day to re-create my Money story and feel more excitement  (instead of anxiety) towards owning my new story and living it. … “

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