We are profoundly interested in stripping away all that holds us back. Clothes, past stories, identification, attachments – and also the way we view money & value.

AND: That does not mean it’s for free. It means it’s self determined.

Many people have said to us: “yeah, ok, it’s a gift, but really, how much do you want?” or “This event is worth so much more than the refundable deposit, why don’t you just charge a fixed price?” and then others have said: “If you really want to make it accessible for all, you could offer it for free.”

The problem with offering anything for free is that people rarely see it as valuable. They’ll sometimes come in with low expectations and low commitment. Or think whats on offer cant be any good because if something is great it costs a lot of money. This is a deep rooted culturally conditioned false belief. Furthermore, we want to honour the months of work we and our small team put into making these events, online courses, retreats and workshops available to you. We dedicate our lives to serving the greater vision of humanities evolution out of fear and into love. 

The solution is to let YOU choose the course fee. You can choose an amount that feels right to you given:

  • Your financial means
  • The value you received after you’ve had the experience
  • Similar events/ retreats/ workshops/ online courses on the market
  • What represents a gesture of gratitude that (perhaps inexplicably) feels fair, clear and honest 
  • Your desire to support our continued life work and visions

Over the years we have experimented with different models and found the ‘refundable deposit’ offers both: commitment on the participants side while still giving the freedom to determine what the value is for each and everyone. 


We strongly feel our message is more important than a price tag or paywall. That doesn’t mean we don’t welcome and honour the flow of money, because we do. However, If your financial means are limited, then you can choose a token amount or even zero. If zero at the time is your truth, it serves all.

We also offer scholarships on almost all events – which means the ‘refundable deposit’ will be gifted by us and the community and then you can choose what you want to Gift at the end. This makes our offerings accessible to everyone. (If you want to know more about this contact us).

In case you feel uncomfortable about Gifting zero, we want you to know that we hold no negative judgement about that. We welcome everyone regardless of ability to give money. The Gift opens up so many more avenues and opportunities to exchange our Gifts and this creates more abundance and support for all. The Gift never stops giving. Not like a price tag. 

Love finds a way, everything else finds an excuse. 

We know how it felt, when we were broke and couldn’t participate in training, events and experiences that were outside of our ability to afford them. We remember the feeling of injustice, and the cynical judgement that these teachers care more about the money than the teaching. If you are in that boat now, please understand that you are sincerely welcome to join us. 

As ancient tribes and cultures have taught us, every community thrives on co-creatorship and the circulation of gifts in many forms. We welcome all gestures and desires to support us to create more in depth-learning journeys.

We live our life with the motto; the more we give, the more we have to give. When we don’t break the giving chain, there is enough for everyones need not for everyones greed. 

Yours in the vision of a more beautiful world our hearts know is right here, right now
Dara and Simon


The content of it this article is hugely inspired and adapted from the work of our friend Charles Eisenstein – a genius author/speaker/sacred activist of our times. (in our humble opinion of course)