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Liberate your sexuality & unleash your ecstatic potential
with our unique

Primal Pleasure Process

How to transform your sex
from 'bored and stuck' to 'Oh my God'

...even if you don't have a partner.​

You are an ecstatic being.

Inside you, there is an ocean of bliss, pleasure, and aliveness waiting to be unleashed. When its energy is allowed to flow freely, it literally turns your body into a fountain of bliss.

But then, how come so many of us feel stuck, constricted, numb, tired, depressed, and bored with life? How come even in the bedroom so many of us can’t let go and struggle with performance pressure, feelings of inadequacy and frustration, and never experience the confidence and bliss that we intuitively know is possible?

Why is it that 60% of people are unhappy and disappointed with their intimate love-life? (That’s most of us.) Sensuality was never meant to be a source of stress, shame or frustration. It should be an easeful expression of your being.

But the sad fact is that our culture has suppressed this powerful energy for millennia. We simply have never learned to open to the life force in us and allow this wild stream of aliveness that yearns to flow through us.

And so, many of us feel blocked, drained, cut off, and trapped behind walls of conditioning or subtle shame. Somehow, we have even convinced ourselves that living that way is normal. But it is not.

How would it feel to unblock that energy once and for all?
Who would you be in your full sexual power and confidence?
How would your relationship to life change?

It’s time to embrace your true nature as the ecstatic being that you are.


It’s about time to liberate your sexual energy. To fully step into your sexual power and mastery and your true nature as the joyful, ecstatic, and blissful being you truly are.

The price of suppressing this energy is simply too high. Sexual Energy is pure life-force energy itself, the very power that animates your whole being and fuels your passion for life, your joy of being, your ability to create and enjoy, the expression of our innermost aliveness.

If we cut ourselves off from that, then we are cutting ourselves off from life.

Our unique process will help you to…


The good news is that bliss can be (re-)learned. You can liberate your ecstatic potential – WITHOUT having to go through years of therapy, or without first becoming enlightened or perfect. You don’t even need a partner. It exists as innate potential, in every single body, regardless of shape, or age… 

There are proven ways to unstuck yourself and experience the bliss you were born for.

We have combined them into a systematic journey that we call the Primal Pleasure Process. Through a sequence of powerful techniques and practices, it will clear your Pleasure Pathways and rewire your whole system for bliss.


Over the years we have tried hundreds of techniques and practices, to liberate the life force, deepen self-love and return to natural bliss. We have tested these methods on ourselves and hundreds of workshop participants to sieve out what really works for everyone. 

We combined the most powerful techniques from Tantra, Taoism, Breathwork, and Bioenergetics into one unique process to fully liberate your sexual energy and reclaim your aliveness.

Through Breath, movement, sound, energy work, and self-pleasure choreographies we peel away all conditioning and free what wants to be alive in you. 

We are Dara and Simon!

We know what it means to feel stuck in sexual monotony and boredom in the bedroom. And we also know the heaven that is possible.

Trained in tantra, yoga, energy work and sexological bodywork we got to experience the transformational power of these practices first hand. For the last 7+ years, we have traveled the world to share what we know about radical intimacy and sexual liberation, with thousands of workshop participants.

Join us and many courageous pleasure activists around the world to shift the way we love ourselves. The world needs us. 


When we started, we were working mostly with groups. But we found that you do not even need a partner to liberate your sexual energy. In fact, the shortest and most effective way is to first learn how to be truly intimate with yourself.

For a simple reason: If you can’t be intimate with yourself, how can you be with anyone else?

When you experience that your own body can be a source of exquisite bliss and wellbeing, you become truly independent of anything outside yourself to feel alive. This sovereignty has helped many people to overcome their codependency, shyness, neediness, and jealousy.


Liberating this energy in you activates a profound self-healing mechanism that will slowly transform you, by melting away your barriers to life and rewiring the nervous system for joy.

Healing does not need years of painful therapy or counselling. Yes, your stuff might come up in the process, but it will find you on a downhill ride. Working with sexual energy is undoubtedly the most fun and enjoyable way of self-transformation you could ever wish for!

Of course, you don’t need to be “broken” to take this training. But in all honesty, we have yet to meet anyone who isn’t sexually disjointed in some way or another, or who can hand-on-heart say that their sex life is perfect.

The path of pleasure expansion is never over. The practices offered in this training are for life. It’s like meditation for your genitals: just a bit more active…



Liberating this energy will transform your sex-life in truly fantastic ways.

Do you want to experience what a full-body orgasm feels like?
Or how to surf the multi-orgasmic wave to infinity?
Do you want to learn how to cultivate your sexual energy and relax into pleasure so much, that you can be there for your partner as long as you choose to?
Do you want to master circulating this energy around your whole body, generating an endless stream of pleasure instead of discharging it in mere seconds?

Well, these are some nicer side effects. But really this is much bigger than that. It is about life. About you. About dancing with creation.


Creating this training as an at-home solo-practice removes some of the main pitfalls that keep people trapped in their limitations. For this course, you…


At the same time, this is not one of these online courses, where you are just left all alone with a bunch of videos.

We are there for you all the way, if you need us. Live. We’ll support you with regular Q&As, Group Sharings, Live Coachings and Practice Sessions. There is a whole community of other Orgasmonauts too.

We know how hard it is to stay blissiplined in daily life. We know you will have questions. We know there is always a need for personal mentoring and coaching. We know you will have the need to share your profound experiences.

So, this training is different. It includes:

Live Group Coaching

Dara and Simon will regularly support you with Zoom session for sharings, Q&A’s and live Group Coaching & Mentoring, so you will be fully supported throughout your journey.

Be Love Tribe Community

Want to share and meet new people? Our private Go Touch Yourself community is easily accessed via app and inside the online training platform. No external fb groups.

Guided Pleasure Journeys

Let’s get ecstatic together! Group energy is a powerful thing. Our live guided pleasure journeys are a perfect opportunity to go even deeper and feel yourself held and supported.

Here's what past participants have to say
about this life-changing process

“I can’t describe in words. It’s a door opener to a completely new world. Through this training, I am able to give love to myself that I was always demanded from someone else. It’s the way to 100% self responsibility and autonomy. A complete life changer, AND I tell everyone about it!! Thank you soooooo much ❤️🥰😘”
Everything I’m doing has become orgasmic! This training has helped me to process a lot of my old self, integrate the new self, and put together the little pieces of a re-emerging being back into the world.
...I had to cry every day because I was becoming best friends with all parts of my body. Realizing it was SACRED and not dirty at all. Apart from that, I realized how much WISDOM there is in my body.
It is big, it is powerful, and it is eye-opening. If you start with the practice, you won’t go back. Go touch yourself is a way to heal deeply and to learn to feel worthy and important.
Then I had to laugh really hard because it all felt so surreal. The whole world is racing to find ways to get high and I was lying there just being ecstatic with myself. 



Reframing masturbation

  • How to turn masturbation into an erotic meditation
  • The 6 essential steps of a transformative self pleasure practice
  • Why “Erotic Journaling” is so important
  • Craft your own pleasure mantra and use it as an anchor for your return to ecstasy


Pleasure Anatomy

  • The vital sex-education we never got in school (so much we don’t know!)
  • A powerful practice to overcome shame and guilt (the #1 block to pleasure)
  • Addicted to porn? Here is a way to gently ease out of it


Secrets of Touch

  • The 3 principles of touch and other secrets
  • Explore your erogenous zones (and possibly find a few new ones)
  • The 5 elements of touch (a life-changing practice to explore touching yourself and others)


Ecstatic Breath - 1st Pillar of Pleasure

  • Why Breath is the #1 catalyst for opening your pleasure pathways
  • An ecstatic warm up routine to get your energy buzzing
  • Chakra breathing practice (intoxicating!)
  • A variety of Pleasure Choreographies to expand your pleasure threshold


Emotional Alchemy

  • Emotional Release Initiation: Learn 9 powerful emotional release tools
  • Open the path to healing through catharsis
  • Guided audio practice to walk you through the process


Ejaculation & Orgasm - Energy Mastery

  • Understanding energy and why orgasm is a “tricky subject”
  • Overcoming premature ejaculation: practices for semen retention
  • Sexual Alchemy: 4 powerful sublimation breaths
  • How to transmute sexual energy into spiritual bliss: Kundalini Activation Breath
  • Circulate orgasmic energy: The most revered energy practice of all time


Moving with Erotic Energy - 2nd Pillar of Pleasure

  • How to use movement to open your being to ecstatic states
  • Sexual Qi Gong and Yoga workout
  • 5 magical movement practices
  • A second set of Pleasure Choreographies including introduction to anal play and shadow work


Dearmoring/Resensitising your Body

  • Genital mediation: Learn how to relax into arousal rather than contract and tense your body
  • Re-Sensitising the Yoni: self healing massage (for women only)
  • Open your heart with the 5 Element Breast Massage


Regulating the Nervous System

  • Exploring Polyvagal Theory for Sex
  • A deeply soothing practice to regulate your system if it is overwhelmed or hyper aroused.
  • Trauma information and why it can be stirred when we work with sexuality


Orgasmic Sound - 3rd Pillar of Pleasure

  • Why Sound is the most difficult pillar to access and how to set yourself free
  • Learn to be radically honest: Speaking truth as a revolutionary act
  • Liberating your laughter
  • How to find your YES to life
  • A revealing practice to speak with your genitals and hear their wisdom
  • The 3rd set of Pleasure Choreographies unlocking your primal animal


Orgasmic Manifesting

  • Play with life and use sexual energy to consciously create
  • Discover and release your limiting beliefs around what you deserve and are open to receive
  • Manifesting orgasmically with a tailor made guided audio meditation that will unlock your ability to make love to the whole universe. 


Aurika Valan

Aurika teaches female empowerment by embracing authentic sexuality and re-sensitising our inner feminine to sparkle with pleasure.


Dharmaraj teaches Tantra and many other healing modalities. On Go Touch Yourself he shares about the female and male pleasure anatomy.

Tom Fortes Mayer

Tom is the founder of the Free Mind App, hypnotherapist and meditation expert. We collaborated with him and his team to create audio pleasure meditations that allow us to enter deep states of being.


This training is precisely what we would have benefitted from when we began our own journey into self-love. Our path would have been so much faster and easier, if we would have had this knowledge and these techniques in one place. But that’s life, right, we had to uncover them our way, and now we share the treasures we collected. 

This is what works for us, these are the practices we use almost daily. They have not only changed and empowered our lives, but also the many workshop participants that have joined us over the years. We have no doubt, when implemented, they will do the same for you.

Dara & Simon


FREE Emotional Maturity Training (Full Course Access)

As a supplement to the main training, you’ll get full access to our popular Emotional Maturity Training, where you will learn how to release trapped emotions and move from destructively reacting to powerfully responding. EMT is a full course on its own, with several lessons and practices.


We know that anybody can use these techniques and exercises to break free and unleash their ecstatic potential. If you are serious about transforming your life and experiencing natural bliss, then sign up now. Just click on the link below, it will take you to our community site, The Be Love Tribe, where you can sign up for the course and start immediately.


We know it is sometimes hard to commit. We know there can be doubts if this is worth the investment. We figured the most transparent and ethical thing we can do is to give you a free trial (100% unrestricted access to the full course), as part of our annual subscription plan. So you can be absolutely sure this is for you.

Yes, the whole risk is on us. You have nothing to lose here.
Make your choice: Commit now? Or first have a peek inside?


Lifetime Access
322 One Time
  • Go Touch Yourself Training
  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls
  • Live Practice Sessions
  • Emotional Maturity Training
  • The Be Love Tribe Community


247 annually
  • Go Touch Yourself Training
  • all the above
  • 3-Day Risk-Free Trial
  • Use as long as you need
  • The Be Love Tribe Community
Free Trial

If you really feel this is for you, but you have financial difficulties, click here to apply for a scholarship. 


  • why shame is the #1 aliveness killer and how to peel those layers of conditioning away
  • why you can’t love yourself fully if you’re cut off from the one part of your body that is by definition your CREATION CENTER
  • how to lift your pleasure threshold and reach an entirely new level of aliveness (yes, there is a subconscious “feel good cut off” you’ve put in place to make sure you won’t feel too alive – ever!) 
  • how you can experience orgasm-like pleasure on demand, without a second person and even being sexual
  • the world’s most powerful breathwork to raise your energy and aliveness
  • the deeply transformative power of ancient Taoist and Tantric techniques for sexual alchemy (and how it will help men to step into sexual mastery and end premature ejaculation)
  • why not knowing how to touch yourself is the greatest hurdle for deep intimacy with life
  • what the 3 Pillars of pleasure are and why it is so important to open all 3 pathways
  • about the anatomy of pleasure and the secrets of erotic touch
  • how to use sexual energy as the most powerful manifestation tool to create and attract beauty to your life
  • how to activate your inner savage – and why it is important to re-wild yourself to your primal essence beyond conditioning and emerge as the free and sovereign divine being that you are



This training provides a well of information and transformational practices. It is packed with easily digestible content (mostly in video or audio format plus pdf), but what you do with it is entirely up to you and your availabilities. We like this quote of David Deida on self responsibility: 

“You are entirely responsible for cutting through your own laziness, addictions, and unclarity. There is nothing to wait for and nobody to blame. Whatever techniques are appropriate, use them.”

You will get the most out of ithis training if you commit to the practice more thoroughly for a couple of weeks to reprogram your habits. The community platform we are using as the learning environment will make it easier for you to stay engaged and give you a sense of not feeling alone on your exploration. 

With our one timne payment, you will have access to this training for the rest of your life and also to all updates we will make to it. With the yearly subscription, you will be in for one year and can renew at the end of that period, if you want.

If you decide to become our Patreon you will have access to it for as long as you are our Patreon, no matter the amount you are gifting us each month. 

This is absolutely normal. The path to loving ourselves deeply is paved with stars AND huge stumbling stones from time to time. Breathing through the resistance and remembering that you are doing this for the expansion of you and you only has always helped us to come back to centre. You will learn how to differentiate between mental resistance and your body talking wisdom. The depth of insight that your body holds can appear scary at times, but we can assure you: Nobody has yet died from self pleasuring in the way we suggest it here 🙂

This training is designed for anyone wanting to deepen their relationship to themselves. It’s a solo loving practice and will greatly benefit  you whether you are in relationship or not. 

We don’t put fixed price tags on any of our offerings. We live in the gift economy which means we rarely sell our services but offer them unconditionally and without an expectation of what we will receive in return. For the registration we ask you to deposit an amount that feels right, fair and clear to you and your level of generosity. There is a suggested amount but we are not attached to it. We have seen that if people don’t invest sufficiently, they often have trouble committing to the process. This training requires you to be very blissiplined and move through your resistance, laziness and excuses. The path to self love is paved with stars and  huge stumbling stones. We will be there with you all the way. And at the end of the training you get to decide what it was worth to you. We trust in the generosity of the participants of this journey to help us create even more in-depth learning experiences such as this one. 

If for whatever reason you prefer to  support us monthly you can always become our Patreon and access the training this way. 

This is a sex positive, educational training that will help you to rewire your masturbation habits into a spiritual practice that thrives on your pleasure. Of course you will have to touch yourself including your genitals to get the most of this. The biggest shift that we want you to make is to see your whole body as a genital, your whole body as an instrument of pleasure, which with time and practice will become full body orgasmic.

If you decide it’s not for you after completing the 11 modules, then you can simply ask for an amount of refund that reflects your financial means. We trust in the generosity of the participants to enable us to create more in depth learning experiences such as this one. 

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