25 -26 August 2018 / Graz, Austria

Put a big chunk of transparent communication, equal parts of deep breaths, spiritual intimacy, sacred freestyles plus a salted dash of gratitude into a blender, what do you get? Dara and Simon!

In this 2 day immersion you will get to meet yourself and others authentically, while laughing at existence and the depth of our hilarious attachments to everything.

It is the truth that liberates, not your efforts to be free.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Deep connection is not just something that happens to us by chance.

Conscious relating is an art that can be learned and embodied. If we commit to love before we commit to anything, we are already halfway there. You will leave with plenty of practices and communication tools that you can integrate into your life.

In a very safe space you will have time to learn and practice:

  • Speaking your truth in a way that will create more love and intimacy
  • Simple ways to drop into the present moment together
  • The 4 pillars of revolutionary intimacy
  • Exploring taboo topics
  • Facing fear rather than running from it
  • Getting clear on what you need and asking for it!

And more!



DATES: Sat 25 August 10.00 am – 19.00 pm / Sun 26 August 10.00 am – 17.00 pm

LOCATION: Studio KI, Burggasse 9/II, Graz

DEPOSIT: 88 euro

This event has no set price tag. It feels more aligned to us to leave the evaluation of what you will  receive up to your generous heart. After all, how are we to know what  you will experience? We cannot put a price on an infinite offering, any number would simply be too low.


For this event we ask for a refundable deposit of 88 euro. This minimal amount signifies your commitment to the process and makes sure that the available spaces are filled with those willing to fully engage. At the end of our experience you can get your deposit back, leave it in our hands and/or give more to support us to serve the ReLOVEution. All will be equally welcomed.