An Online Training in The Art of Self Pleasure

It's time to rise in love with yourself, your body and your sexuality.

Our bodies are designed to feel immense pleasure and bliss, so why is it that so many of us feel blocked, numb, bored or ashamed of our own sexuality?



Not a quick fix online program

Go Touch Yourself brings together the wisdom and practices that Dara and Simon have picked up along their journey to the roots of how we can free ourselves from within. It offers courageous and liberating ways to clear the deep blocks to pleasure we all carry.

You don't need to be broken to take this training.

But we have yet to meet anyone who isn’t sexually disjointed in some way or another. The path of pleasure expansion is never over. Plus the practices offered in this training are for life. It’s like meditation for your genitals – just a bit more active…

This is not a training where we will tell you how you are supposed to feel or what is right for your body. It is a journey of taking power into your own hands, awaken the extraordinary wisdom that sleeps inside your body and discover that the guru is quite literally inside your pants. Oh yes!

The 3 Pillars of Pleasure

Orgasmic energy rides on the waves of breath, movement and sound. The modules are designed to move you past your pleasure threshholds and into solo loving bliss.

Choreographies to Awaken Sensitivity and Bliss

You’ll experience how you can build your sexual alphabet – from knowing only ABC to knowing the whole alphabet and being able to create a new self loving language just for yourself.

Live Support Calls & Guided Pleasure Journeys

Dara and Simon will regularly support you with zoom session for Q&A’s. Plus we will host live guided pleasure sessions, so you will be supported fully

Community of Pleasure Activists like you

Feel safe and supported by the private Go Touch Yourself community which is easily accessed via app and inside the online training platform. No external fb groups. Mutual learning is happening right at your fingertips. 

Life Time Access

This Training is constantly evolving as we continue to learn new things and add to the library of epic pleasure meditations. We are now on version 3! You benefit from all updates and have ongoing access. It is a life long practice after all.

How is it delivered?

GO TOUCH YOURSELF is a journey into self pleasure and orgasmic energy experienced in 4 Modules. You’ll find all content and connect to other participants inside our amazing learning platform. The regular live support calls with Dara and Simon will make it easier for you to stay engaged and committed.

We get it, we all have time restrictions and the last thing we want to happen to you is that you get stressed about NOT doing your self pleasure. That would be missing the point. 

That is why we created this ongoing training and will continue to evolve it by adding content. This way you can use it for a life time, come back to it, deepen each practice and keep exploring with our growing community. 



MODULE 1: Exploring the power of ecstatic BREATH

With ancient practices you will tap into the superhuman power of breath and discover how deep it can lead you into pleasure.

  • What is pleasure and your pleasure anatomy
  • Erotic practices and building blocks for pleasure focused on expanding your capacity to breathe to ecstasy
  • How to diversify your exploration of touch
  • Overcoming shame

MODULE 2: Increasing your capacity to MOVE erotic energy

What you don’t move you loose. Simple and profound movement practices will take your pleasure to the next level.

  • Exploring orgasm/ejaculation vs sublimating and circulating
  • Introduction into anal play and hygiene
  • Resensitising the genitals
  • A new set of erotic practices and building blocks for pleasure focused on moving, catharsis and release

MODULE 3: Liberating your capacity to make sound

Sound is the fabric of the universe, basis of all matter. The bold power of your most intimate sounds will surprise and liberate you.

  • Conversation with your genitals
  • Speaking truth as a revolutionary act
  • Accessing your natural laughter
  • Selected playlists to support your orgasmic sound liberation
  • A third set of erotic practices mostly focused on sound and expression

MODULE 4: Learning how to use your sexual energy to manifest

This is where we get to play full out with life and use all the activated energy in our bodies to consciously create! We are dancing with the stars in this module. Get ready.

  • Discover and release your limiting beliefs around what you deserve and are capable of receiving
  • Manifesting orgasmically with a tailor made guided audio meditation that will unlock your ability to make love to the whole universe. 




Aurika Valan

Aurika teaches female empowerment by embracing authentic sexuality and re-sensitising our inner feminine to sparkle with pleasure.


Dharmaraj teaches Tantra and many other healing modalities. On Go Touch Yourself he shares about the female and male pleasure anatomy.

Tom Fortes Mayer

Tom is the founder of the Free Mind App, hypnotherapist and meditation expert. We collaborated with him and his team to create audio pleasure meditations that allow us to enter deep states of being.




Hey, we are Dara and Simon!

And here is why we created GO TOUCH YOURSELF!

We’ve been together as partners in shine, passion and purpose for 7 years. We know what it means to feel stuck in sexual monotony and boredom in the bedroom. And we also know the heaven that is possible.

Creating this training was not a question of choice. What we learned through the practice felt so powerful that the only answer was to share it. The age of gurus and saviours is over. We are all called to step up and find the answers we are seeking inside. We feel this training paves the path for a powerful evolution of the human body, mind and spirit.

Join us and many courageous others around the world to shift the way we love ourselves so intensely that our pain and suffering burns away in the flame of our passion for the beauty of life.

The world needs us now. 

– Dara and Simon



Join this community of pleasure activists and


Initial Commitment: $349.99
or Monthly Option: $44.99

You can choose the best option below that feels right to you and reflects your individual level of generosity. 

We can not put a number value on this training, because we know the value is unique to each participant. Therefore, we offer the training as a gift, with an initial commitment of $349.99 or a monthly commitment option of $44.99.  This is to make sure that all participants have invested something and are willing to commit themselves in the exploration of a vulnerable topic such as our sexuality. By the completion of your training you are able to decide what training fee (gift) feels good, right, and clear to you. You can ask for some or all of it back, or your can gift more on top of your initial commitment. Whatever you choose, all content will stay fully available to you. 

We kindly ask you to receive this offering in the spirit in which it is offered and not to abuse the system. 

Choose the option that arouses your heart:

Love always finds a way. Everything else finds an excuse.

*If you really feel this training is for you, but the financial commitment is not possible right now, or you would like to offer what you can afford then apply for a scholarship here.


This training provides a well of information and transformational practices. It is packed with easily digestible content (mostly in video or audio format plus pdf), but what you do with it is entirely up to you and your availabilities. We like this quote of David Deida on self responsibility: 

“You are entirely responsible for cutting through your own laziness, addictions, and unclarity. There is nothing to wait for and nobody to blame. Whatever techniques are appropriate, use them.”

You will get the most out of ithis training if you commit to the practice more thoroughly for a couple of weeks to reprogram your habits. The community platform we are using as the learning environment will make it easier for you to stay engaged and give you a sense of not feeling alone on your exploration. 

You will have access to this course for the rest of your life and also to all updates we will make to it. 

If you decide to become our Patreon you will have access to it for as long as you are our Patreon, no matter the amount you are gifting us each month. 

This is absolutely normal. The path to loving ourselves deeply is paved with stars AND huge stumbling stones from time to time. Breathing through the resistance and remembering that you are doing this for the expansion of you and you only has always helped us to come back to centre. You will learn how to differentiate between mental resistance and your body talking wisdom. The depth of insight that your body holds can appear scary at times, but we can assure you: Nobody has yet died from self pleasuring in the way we suggest it here 🙂

This course is designed for anyone wanting to deepen their relationship to themselves. It’s a solo loving practice and will greatly benefit  you whether you are a in relationship or not. 

Yes, she did indeed and never stopped. Once could say she is an expert in clitoral stimulation. Thankfully her parents were welcoming this early discovery of her pleasure and she grew up not having to suppress it. Yet still society left its mark on her and that is also part of why she created this course with Simon. 

We don’t put fixed price tags on any of our offerings. We live in the gift economy which means we rarely sell our services but offer them unconditionally and without an expectation of what we will receive in return. For the registration we ask you to deposit an amount that feels right, fair and clear to you and your level of generosity. There is a suggested amount but we are not attached to it. We have seen that if people don’t invest sufficiently, they often have trouble committing to the process. This training requires you to be very blissiplined and move through your resistance, laziness and excuses. The path to self love is paved with stars and  huge stumbling stones. We will be there with you all the way. And at the end of the training you get to decide what it was worth to you. We trust in the generosity of the participants of this journey to help us create even more in-depth learning experiences such as this one. 

If for whatever reason you prefer to  support us monthly you can always become our Patreon and access the training this way. 

This is a sex positive, educational course that will help you to rewire your masturbation habits into a spiritual practice that thrives on your pleasure. Of course you will have to touch yourself including your genitals to get the most of this. The biggest shift that we want you to make is to see your whole body as a genital, your whole body as an instrument of pleasure, which with time and practice will become full body orgasmic.

If you decide it’s not for you after completing the four modules, then you can simply ask for an amount of refund that reflects your financial means. We trust in the generosity of the participants to enable us to create more in depth learning experiences such as this one. 

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