MALTA / GOZO 30 July - 6th August

A 7 day retreat to celebrate your pleasure, play and power.

Do you struggle to feel home in the fullness of your body, sexuality and expression? Then let’s play it back into your heart…

In connection to self and others
vegan and gluten free delights
in connection to nature



Nourish, Flourish and Play

The Feminine Embodiment retreat offers courageous and liberating ways to clear the deep blocks to pleasure, play and power we all carry in our yearning hearts.

This is not a retreat where I will tell you how you are supposed to feel or what is right for your body. It is a journey of taking power into your own hands, awaken the extraordinary truth that sleeps inside your body and discover that your feminine wisdom sits right there in your flesh and bones.

Initiations to Awaken Sensitivity, Pleasure and Bliss

Yoni egg initiation, hip baths, yoni steaming, Pleasure Practices, Gestalt, Elemental Energy Rituals to connect to different archetypes of the eternal feminne

Movement to Release

With daily Yoga, Qi Gong, Dance, swimming in the sea, catharsis, vocal release and more. Conscious movement will be one of the main pillars of this retreat.

Meditation and Celebration

Sitting in the silence behind all movment and recognizing ourselves as pure consciousness. Non dual spiritual discovery through celebration of all of existence. 

Connection to a circle of sisters

Feel safe and supported by a small, intimate group of women that will be selected by the universe to become your mirrors for the journey. 

Feminine and Masculine balance

In order to become integrated in our feminine, we need to look at our inner polarities and bring them into harmony.

Why Feminine Embodiment?

As infinite souls living in a female body we are broadly exposed to a society that does not honour the material as sacred, the natural cycles and flow of life. Even many spiritual teachings and lineages take us on a journey to abandon our body and its impulses. This can be toxic for our creative potential as we as women are the ones who literally MAKE LIFE through our bodies. We have the incredible capability (wether you choose to use it this life time or not is irrelevant) to create a human being from the depth of our flesh. So when we abandon our bodies, we abandon part of our essence and creative force. Reconnecting to what is held inside our feelings, truth and pleasure potential is essential on the journey back to wholeness. 




Everyday will be a joyful mixture of movement, release, sharing, silence and initiative experiences. 

  • Daily Morning practie (qi gong, yoga, dance…)
  • 2 workshops a day using tao tantric practices, archetypal work, shadow dance, embodiment and meditation to come home to ourselves
  • time for integration, relaxation, play and flow
  • eventing rituals and guidance to soften our hearts + release old hurt


We will be staying in a wonderful farmhouse on the Gozo island, the feminine sister island of Malta. A spacious pool provides the needed refreshment (it will be hot ladies!) as well as our trips to secret beaches of the island.  Accommodation is shared. 

Food is vegan and gluten free. Ultimate organic freshness and connection to the earth is provided by the permaculture garden adjacent to the venue.


In order to attend this retreat, there is an initial commitment, that covers costs of the retreat. Afterwards you are invited to value what you have received and adjust your commitment up or down. You can ask for some back or put more on top – it is absolutely up to yo, no questions asked. This exchange is based on the sacred mode of the gift economy.

1111€  Initial Commitment


Hey, I am Dara

And here is why I created this immersion.

Frankly, because life asked me to! I’ve been working in the field of embodiment, tantra, conscious sexuality and healing since 10+ years and I know what it means to feel stuck in my head, lost in my emotions and disconnected from life. And I also know the heaven that is possible when I connect to the silence and rapture inside my own body.

Creating this immersion was not a question of choice. What I have learned through my own journey into the expansion of my heart is so powerful that the only answer is to share it – over and over again. This immersion paves the path for a powerful evolution of your feminine body, mind and spirit.

Join me on a deep dive, where we love ourselves so intensely that our pain and suffering burns away in the flame of our passion for the beauty of life.

The world needs us now. 

– Dara –

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Initial Commitment: €1111

I can not put a number value on this training, because I know the value is unique to each participant. Therefore, I offer the training as a gift, with an initial commitment of 1111 euro.  This is to make sure that all participants have invested and are willing to commit themselves in the exploration of vulnerable topic, such as our sexuality, truth and power. At the end of your training you are able to decide what retreat fee (gift) feels good, right, and clear to you. You can ask for some of it back, or your can gift more on top of your initial commitment. Whatever you choose, I love you either way.

I kindly ask you to receive this offering in the spirit in which it is offered and not to abuse the system. 

Love always finds a way. Everything else finds an excuse.

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