Transformational journeys into the depth of who you are. We strip off what we don’t need, look behind the curtains of our old pain, self created stories and false identities to find the truth of our core being. Our retreats are for the brave and adventurous souls willing to learn the revealing art of letting go. 

Online trainings

Transform your life with us without leaving your home! Join us for our online training, that will connect you to a growing community of like minded, alive people all over the world. Exploring yourself deeply, laugh and cry with us as we vulnerable share our journey to a more profound level of connection and truth.

Presence Sessions

Presence sessions are for individuals and couples, who are willing to go beyond societies deadly prescription of normalcy. This is a unique opportunity to play with us one on one and get a powerful reflection of your potential and ways to move boldly into that.

Workshops and Festivals

In our workshops we love to explore a wide array of topics from sex, money, love, sacred communication and the art of relationship with the participants, creating very animated, entertaining and at the same time deeply connecting spaces. Be ready to be turned upside down.