Delicious & Wild

The Feminine Radiance Retreat

7 days to celebrate your feminine power, pleasure and play

✧ Do you struggle to feel at home in the fullness of your body?

✧ Are you in need of a break from your busy life and desire to treat yourself in a nourishing environment among other women?

✧ Are you tired of living out the same kind of relational & interpersonal struggles?

 Done with not understanding your emotional landscape & being called “too much” or “too shy” too often? 

✧ Do you desire to feel more sexy and in-tune with your feminine essence and sensuality?

✧ Do you want to know how to spark up your intimate relationship(s) or call in a partner that can really meet you deeply?

In connection to self and others
vegan and gluten free delights
in connection to nature



Nourish, Flourish and Play

The Delicious & Wild Experience offers courageous and liberating ways to clear the deep blocks to pleasure, play and power we all carry in our yearning hearts.

This is not a retreat where I will tell you how you are supposed to feel or what is right for your body. It is a journey of taking power into your own hands, awaken the extraordinary wisdom that sleeps inside your body and discover that your feminine pleasure and play sit right there in your flesh and bones.


The Path to Pleasure, Power and Play

Initiations to Awaken Sensitivity, Pleasure and Bliss

Yoni egg initiation, hip baths, yoni steaming, Pleasure Anatomy & Practices, Gestalt Therapy, Elemental Energy Rituals to connect to different archetypes of the eternal feminine

Movement to Release

Yoga, Qi Gong, Dance, swimming in the sea, catharsis, vocal alchemy, emotional release and more. Conscious movement will be one of the main pillars of this retreat.

Meditation and Celebration

Sitting in the silence behind all movement. With journaling prompts, meditation and mindful activities we will recognise ourselves as pure consciousness. 

Connection to a circle of sisters

Feel safe and supported by a small, intimate group of women that will be selected by the universe to become your mirrors for the journey. 

Feminine and Masculine balance

In order to become integrated in our feminine, we need to look at our inner polarities and bring them into harmony.

What you will discover & experience

How to amplify your confidence as woman by learning how to feel your body and needs from within

Why bypassing the fierce, raging dark goddess will waste years of your life trying to be whole and the exact practice to unlock her life giving potential

What emotional permeability is and how to use even your “negative” feelings as fuel rather than as an overwhelming destructive force.

Pathways to forgiveness and wholeness with the inner polarities of masculine and feminine. This is vitally important for all your relationships, especially the intimate ones. 

 The exact movement practice I use to recharge my energy instantly (better than coffee!)

Establish new self care rituals and learn what your pleasure pathways & thresh-hold are

 Discover not only the physical anatomy of your sacred temple (aka your Yoni) but also why your sexuality requires deep emotional safety

 Understand why the most sensitive areas of your body might be armoured with numbness and pain and learn how heal yourself. 

Identify your relationship style: are you a merger or an isolator? Are you afraid of loosing love or loosing yourself in relationship? 





Everyday will be a joyful mixture of movement, practical knowledge transmissions, sharing circles, silence and initiative rituals. 

  • Daily Morning practice (qi gong, yoga, dance…)
  • 2 workshops a day using tao tantric practices, archetypal work, shadow dance, embodiment and meditation to come home to ourselves
  • time for integration, relaxation, play and flow
  • eventing rituals and guidance to soften our hearts + release old hurt

Lodging and Food

We will be staying in a wonderful farmhouse on the Gozo island, the feminine sister island of Malta. A spacious pool provides the needed refreshment, as well as our trips to secret beaches of the island. Food is vegan and gluten free. 


What else is inlcuded?

Normally: 322 €

NOW: A gift from my heart


Because I am seriously interested in your transformation, I will gift you access to our high end online training where you can discover how to love yourself deeply, pave the pathways for your pleasure and practice intentionally to be ecstatic rather than stuck and unfulfilled. 

Hey, I am Dara

And here is why I created Delicious & Wild...

Frankly, because life (and many people) asked me! As a mother of my amazing 9 year old daughter I also feel great responsibility to educate and heal the way we embody our feminine in this world. 

I’ve been working in the field of embodiment, tantra, conscious sexuality and transformational healing since 10+ years and I know what it means to feel stuck in my head, lost in my emotions and disconnected from life. And I also know the heaven that is possible when I connect to the silence and rapture inside my own body.

Over the years, I’ve led thousands of workshop and retreat participants into deeper connection with themselves. Creating this retreat was not a question of choice. What I have learned through my own journey into the expansion of my heart is so powerful that the only answer is to share it – over and over again. This retreat paves the path for a powerful evolution of your feminine body, heart, mind and spirit.

Join me on a deep dive, where we love ourselves so intensely that our pain and suffering burns away in the flame of our passion for the beauty of life.

The world needs us – now. 

– Dara 

If you really feel this is for you, but you have financial difficulties, reach out and we can discuss your options. 

Love always finds a way. Everything else finds an excuse.

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