If we want to connect differently in this world we are all responsible for that. Don’t wait for someone to teach you or create it for you. Most of the issues in this world are based on tragic expression of unmet needs in our communication.SIMON AND I USE “SHARING” AS AN ESSENTIAL AND REGULAR TOOL TO BRING LIFE BACK TO OUR RELATIONSHIP, TO CLEAN THE SPACE AND CREATE MORE LOVE AND CONNECTION BETWEEN US.  He introduced this communication practice in the very beginning of our relationship to me and since then I cannot even imagine or understand how any of my former relationships have even worked without this beautiful way of communicating. It allows the transformation of dysfunction and distortion that so often happens through words. We have time and time again fallen in love with each other by deliberately  sitting and nurturing our relationship with this practice.

Sharing guidelines

We teach sharing on all of our events and of course on NAKED The Retreat. People have incredibly life transforming experiences just by being listened to and giving others the gift of their attentive ears. It gives the space to listen without defending and to speak without offending. A world build on heart centred communication is different, entirely. But unless we create the space for it, it is not going to happen.

IN THE BEGINNING THIS WAY OF SHARING MIGHT FEEL CONTRIVED, TOO STRUCTURED OR DOWN RIGHT WEIRD. That is only because it is new. Once you start practicing and getting familiar with the process it becomes natural (but it needs repetition and blissipline)! And as a byproduct all other interactions in ‘normal life’ will also benefit immensely, because you will know how to connect to what you are truly feeling and that gives others the permission to do so also.

Click on the image below and let it guides you through the process. See if you can set up a sharing with somebody who you are close to. A friend or lover. Doing this with your family is usually much more difficult, so don’t try it for the first time with them, although there might be the most to share in that arena 🙂

Have any questions? Simon and I are available for sessions to guide you deeper into this process.