It’s not only because we release endorphins into our bloodstream.

Our brain needs movement like our lungs need air.

Neuroscientifically speaking every joint in your body is connected to an area in the brain that orchestrates the desired movement. The human species is one of the only mammals that takes a long time to be able to independently walk after birth. It takes us about a year to pick our head up to walking. This is because humans are underdeveloped when we are born. If we waited until our brain is developed enough it would be too big to get out. So we start to develop different parts of the brain through different kinds of movements in our first year. First the child is able to pick up the head, later it can sit up straight, crawl and finally stand up and walk.

This movement joint motion stimulates the brain first in the deeper and older parts and through more complex movement we switch on the newer parts like the frontal lobe in the neocortex which is responsible for our creativity and language development.

We can then say that gradually we wake ourselves up as humans through movement.If this is true for children, then the benefits of this can also be used in adult life. We quite literally can move our brain into activity.

The proverbial saying that we don’t stop dancing because we grow old, but we grow old because we stop dancing illustrates this very strongly!


This is a wonderful movement practice that we use very often. It stems from ancient eastern Qi Gong, where it is used as a rejuvenation techniques. It shakes up old stored garbage in the cells and revitalises the body. In our Orgasmic Yoga sessions this is one of the most used movements that we use to circulate energy and bring it up the spine. Combined with pelvic floor muscles squeezes it can lead to high states of arousal and erotic energy moving freely.


This pelvic movement is a simple and very effective way to warm up the hips and stir up sexual energy. Practiced for 5-10 minutes in the beginning or during your erotic dance, it can bring on strong sensations in the sexual centre. Combined with the breathing shown in this video it allow the hips to free up stiffness and unblock the energy in those lower centres of our body. Remember not to expect wonders just from doing these practices once. Your body will need to slowly get used to the new way of breath and movement incorporated in your sensual play.


Movement eliminates excess energy and stress hormones from the body and deep breathing removes old and stuck CO2 depots from the lower parts of our lungs. We are then be able to think more clearly, since our focus is allowed to open again and we don’t see reality through a lens of fear or anger anymore.


Practice for at least 2-3 minutes. The kundalini twist helps open and free up the blockages of the spine. When the vertebraes aren’t flexible enough to move freely, it will be difficult or impossible to move energy up the body. Increasing flexibility is vital on the path to learning to become more orgasmic.

Put your hands on your shoulders and twist from left to right, inhaling to the left, exhaling to the right. After a while alternate the breath and change foot position to keep the body aligned. Watch video for other positions and versions.


Practice for 3 minutes, vigorously. This combined movement and breath practice increases flexibility in the spine in the opposite way as the twist. It stems from yoga and can be slowed down or speeded up.

Align your hands underneath you shoulders and knees underneath your hips. Inhale and arch your back, exhale round your spine, pushing the hands into the floor. Keep repeating for 2-3 minutes. For high energy speed up and loose yourself in the movement.

If you are experiencing any kind of neck pain in the neck, make sure to move the head only in a way that feels comfortable (no overextension).


Practice for 2-5 minutes. This practice is wonderful to loosen up the spine and hip area. Circulate your heart space above your pelvis in small or bigger circles – do what feels right to you in the moment and then vary from there. Slow down, or speed up to your liking.

When done for a long time (15 minutes or more) and mixed with trance inducing soundscapes/ music, this practice can lead to quite exquisite trance like states. For our Orgasmic Yoga practice we recommend a duration of maximum 5 minutes.


This is such a GEM of a breath practice. Brought to us by Wim Hof – the ice man – it will release your inner fire and allow more vitality in your body.

By practicing this, you are releasing more energy, influencing your nervous system and changing various physiological responses. You are inducing voluntarily a short stress response which ultimately will lead to more resilience towards everyday stress, mentally and physiology and feeling more in control.

We love to do this in order to get more centred and aligned, especially on a day of resistance.

Dive deeper  and ride our article on Wim Hof. 


In order to cultivate the high energy charges that we are seeking, vigorous movement is a key ingredient to assist breaking things up, activating the body and help break through the crust of the analytical mind. This practice can be done for 1 or two minutes and is done by tuning into your sexual centre. Allowing sound to accompany the movement is empowering. Imagine yourself being one of those Rugby players doing a HAKA – embody the power and let it spill over into your practice.