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We are here for collective evolution. For messy transparency and heartfelt togetherness. For contagious laughter and deeply buried screams and tears to be liberated. For lack to turn to love. For pain to be burned away in the sacred fires of our hearts. For fierce, deep and real connection so we can all get High on truth.


We feel that every single human on this planet yearns for the deep intimacy and love that our bodies are capable of. We all want to be heard, seen, loved, ravished and revealed. Understood and felt with compassion and generosity of heart. We believe that we all want to experience a sex that unchains our imprisoned minds and blows our hearts open into the abliss of endless gratefulness for life.

The reason why so many people struggle with intimacy, is because most of us can’t even articulate or pinpoint what these deeply buried cravings are really about. Thousands of years of conditioning have sold us the romantic myth that we need to just find the one in order to have an endlessly happy life. The truth is that we can learn how to connect and thrive in all relationships. It is an art to be studied and mastered and oh so rewarding as it frees us from the shackles of our destructive patterns…We are medicine for each other.


We get a little uncomfortable with labels and never really know what to write when it comes to Bio’s. Because, who are we really? A powerhouse conscious couple, facilitators, speakers, spontaneous street singers and rappers, infamous entertainers, acroholics, mother and guardian to a revolutionary child, best friends, voices of the earth, naked advocates, homefull digital nomads? Do you really care what we’ve done, who we’ve spoken to or where we’ve been printed? Probably not, so if you vibe with us, let’s play!


We live our love as an example of a new model relationship (real-elevation-ship), where we no longer come together for mere (illusionary) comfort, but rather use it as a tool for individual and collective growth. Living our life true to the motto: Every relationship is an ongoing transformational workshop!

Dara says

There has always been a gentle rebel in me. When I was supposed to be a teenager I sat in sweatlodges, bent spoons and walked on fire, because my mom is a free spirit of the most special kind. When I was supposed to turn into an elite opera singer, I went to study Singer Songwriter because that seemed more of a challenge. When I was supposed to get a job, I turned into a unicorn touring europe and entertaining kids in a musical because I was in love with the director. When I was supposed to get married, I refused all proposals because freedom was my only refuge. When I was supposed to have children, I terminated the pregnancies, because I was too scared of not being ready. I learned only later that there is never the right moment. When I was supposed to be a stay at home mom in a million dollar villa on a holiday island, I left that paradise for a gypsy life full of love, challenge, laughter and adventure. Because being alive is more important to me than being secure. I refuse to be a number in the system. I refuse to follow what is norm. My daughter Maya tells me: “If I were you Mami, I would BE you!” So I choose to follow that advice every goddamn day – even though it’s hard and some days I don’t know who the heck I actually am.

I dance on this path less travelled – and I would love to meet you there!

Simon says

I’ve always had a passion for life and loved making others laugh. I’ve been on quite an epic hero’s journey if I do say so myself; from petty crimes to professional burglar. From drug dealing gangster and serving a small sentence in jail to lead actor in a 19 million dollar movie. This all turned upside down and inside out when in 2008 I had what is termed a ‘peak experience’ that left me questioning my whole existence and then slowly rewiring all that I had become. This sparked the life altering decision to never lie again; that’s a lot is easier said than done in a world built on a foundation of lies and deception. Diving deep into the exploration of society and cult-ure I soon realised that speaking truth is a revolutionary act. It’s a courageous decision to walk the pathless path and question everything while assuming nothing. I’ve been on a mission to share the simple yet powerful art of ‘Transparent Communication’ which I term ‘The language of Love’ with all those I get to meet.  My personal inquiry has  lead me to explore the 5 greatest taboos of our society which are Sex, Money, Death, Truth and the one that encapsulates them all: Power.

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