LET’S TALK ABOUT MONEY. AND THEN MIX IT WITH LOVE. Uh, feel the discomfort? We live in a world where money has a subtle foul taste. Where we are better off not talking about it too loud, too often and certainly can not say that we dearly love it. Love and money – they don’t go together, do they?


After stumbling upon Peta Kelly’s facebook live series on conscious money magic, I reawakened the insight that I need to treat money like a friend or better even: lover. There is no use in talking bad about it or labelling it as the source of all evil, especially not if you are like me, interested in big change and have visions of a much more beautiful world that my heart knows is possible. In fact it is the responsibility of the open, conscious and loving people of this earth to change the collective money story by changing their own. How else can it be done? So I wrote a love letter to money. And a few days after, money walked in. Not because I expected anything, but because my door is now open.

We have recommended this love letter to many people and all that have followed it, felt highly enriched and empowered. Write one (or more) and see for yourself. But be prepared for the unexpected. And make sure to circulate it, keeping it fresh and clean!

Dear Money,

We never really had a great relationship. You, me and the world. You were never enough for Dad so how could you’ve been for me? Although I had everything and you were around more than for most people on this planet, I always felt you were somehow absent in your bigger fullness. But money, I need to tell you that I always loved you, actually admired you more than I could admit. It was because of this strange sense of lack, that I would talk bad about you behind your back. I am very sorry for that. I held onto you at times, tucked you neatly away and counted your pennies. Hoping to get more of you only to realise that you withdraw and hold back when I am clingy. My  mindset of lack was a violation to your infinite nature and it created tension between you and me.

Today I understand that you are not mine and I am not yours. We are just here to dance, to make the world a little brighter and hearts a little lighter. You are an infinite universal energy force that comes from source and goes back to source. Just like me.

You are like water and I am your vessel. I’ve cleaned up my inside, so now you can pour and flow through me without picking up any debris of old judgments and scarcity.

I am your conduit, use me, so we can bring great change to this world. Together we can achieve so much more. 

I accept my responsibility as a heart open spirit to circulate your universal energy through my existence back into the world. I fully understand that it is not the time to wait for those “who have more” to start giving, but it is mine – right now, right here! The more that I give, the more I’ve got to give. And when I do this with full presence, you surround me, move towards me like an excited lover going on the first date. 

Your presence in my life is deeply appreciated. You give me everything that I need and more! I am so grateful for your support and the many surprising ways you show up. Always with a gift on your mind, you never come empty handed. And the fruits of your presence grow magically lush and abundantly in my garden of change.

Sometimes I am still not sure if I can tell you how much I really love you. I am afraid others and myself will judge me for just being after you. But I am realising that this is just an old program ruling me from the depth of my childhood, where you were never properly acknowledged and loved, seen or recognised as the infinite source of energy that you really are.

So today I announce my love for you freely. I shout it from the roof tops and sound the alarms. I no longer need to hide from you. I no longer need to undervalue myself in order to keep you away from me. I am proud to be with you. I am eager to create with you. I am excited to change my world with you. 

And I look forward to making love with you. More love in the world is definitely something we can do with. People have told me you are evil and the cause of so much suffering on this planet. But that is just because you have been in the hands of too many dirty containers that contaminated you with their dirty attachments and hunger for power. In fact you need nurture and healing yourself. Now I can see how much you need me in this world, too! You need me to make you clean and pure again. I can do that for you. I promise not to abuse you or lock you away. My love for you is too vast and open. I won’t accumulate you without a purpose, I will set you free, so you can make love with others, too. I know you only want to flow. Like water, infinitely nurturing all creation with your highest frequency. 

You are my lover, you are my friend, supporter and co-creator. I follow your flow and you follow my guidance. I love you.