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A path to The ReLOVEution

Live wilder. Laugh louder. Love slower.

We show up. As simple as that. We show up to evolve out loud together with you. Not behind closed curtains so we can one day tell you proudly our overnight success story (that took 15 freaking long, challenging years). We are here to share it all. The messy f**k ups, the slippery slopes of truth, the hysterical laughter and the deepest tears, the miraculous medicine of life and all that touches us. We are here to show you that

it is absolutely possible to:

Detoxify your love and sex life

Revolutionise your way of communicating

And connect deeply with self and everyone around you…

The ReLOVEution

The ReLOVEution is not resistance to what is. The ReLOVEution is reversal of response. It is every act of generosity, every act of forgiveness and every act of openness in a world that constantly teaches us to close, protect, contract, clench and withdraw.

Be The ReLOVEution!


Different ways how you can journey with us


Alex Cachia, Festival Organiser

For several years, Dara and Simon have hosted workshops at the top transformation festivals on Malta and Gozo. Their events are always jam packed and provide safe spaces for connection, transformation and play!

Yasmin DeGiorgio, Conscious Business Owner

Dara and Simon have a unique ability to break down peoples barriers. Their work is truly meaningful and will impact any group of people working together for the positive.

Xiomara Menendez, Head of Hogar del Niño School

The kids love them! Their passion and truthfulness  brought our team together, providing a safe environment where we can turn into the superheroes we already are.


Patreon is an ingenious funding platform that empowers those who love our vision to participate in this global ReLOVEution with us. It is a call to come together and co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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